9 Ways to Improve the User Ratings of App

9 Ways to Improve the User Ratings of App

The opinions of others play a noteworthy role in individuals’ buying choices, regardless of whether the reviews are about motion pictures, eateries, or applications.

Testimonials and app reviews are one of the most affected tools to increase the download of your app. The persons’ reviews make a considerable impact in people’s buying decisions. In this article, we will tell you different ways of how to improve your app ratings: From rewarding your users to submit your app to best app review sites.

More than 70% of buyers say that they see the application reviews or opinions before buying and about 63 percent express their interest in buying from a website which has features like app ratings and reviews.

App store is stacked with millions of apps and in order to boost your app downloads. App reviews don’t use to happen themselves. We should not expect larger waves of people writing reviews for your apps, it takes time to generate good review response.

Most Effective Ways To Improve The User Ratings Of App

The reviews of others assume a noteworthy part in buying decisions of peoples’, despite the reviews are about films, apps or eateries.

Concerning apps, reviews and opinions additionally affects the visibility of the app search results and how they will be displayed on the app store.

Here are some suggestions to improve the user reviews of the app.

  1. Honor your consumers in exchange for a opinion or review.

People generally don’t like to spend their time on giving a review to the app until they don’t have to complain. To increase the app reviews, you need to give reward your users in addition to the app review pop up.

Everyone loves free stuff. The chances of getting the app review will improve if the users acknowledged that they will get a gift.

  1. Selectively ask the right questions for your users

Get the knowledge of your target audience interests’ area. What are their essential or necessary things at the time of making a buy? Find out the negative points and errors in your apps. Combining all this information and then improving in this area, this will result in meaningful and relevant testimonials and reviews.

  1. Catch up with buyers

Acknowledge an email to consumers after they make a buy. You’re well on the way of getting a review when the buying is yet top of mind. Look out at Big Commercial Business application partner Yotpo to robotize this procedure, which makes it simple for you and more imperatively makes it simple for your consumers. Expel as much resistance as could be expected between your invitation and their capacity to submit a opinion or review.

  1. Display Your Reviews On Homepage

Place your reviews front and center. You can also make a dedicated page displaying only reviews and testimonials. Just make it look good on your site. If you have reviews of different products of your company then show them on each product page.

  1. Maintain Good Social media Presence:

Make your app’s page on social media and promote your app in such a way that encourages users to share your app in their friend group. This will lead to more people’s use and ultimately more app reviews. Don’t dive into any platform to make your business social page. First well researched it and find out the best social media platform for your app. Try to get more loyal users.

  1. Publicize Your App’s Good Reviews

It is necessary to treat your customers nicely especially those who have left the good review of your app. And make sure to increase the response rate. If you notice that your app has been tagged then reply them with saying thanks. And make sure to publicize the excellent app reviews aggressively. If you can add the pics of the users with a good review then it will work like an icing on the cake.

  1. Don’t Ignore the negative reviews

Make sure to contact the users who had given your app a negative review. Don’t ever ignore them. If you try to solve their problems and handle them with care then who knows, they think to change their review. Try to get the learning from this experience.

A majority of app developers tend to delete or hide the negative reviews or user ratings from their application. But little do they know that removing negative ratings from their app will only do more damage.

Without a single negative review, your mobile app will look almost ‘too good to be true’ and app users will have some concern about the genuineness of the app. In addition to this, negative user ratings can be taken as a great learning sign by the app developers. This is because, with these negative ratings, app owners will get to know where their app is lacking and how it can be improved.

  1. Approach App review sites to review app

There are many websites with global reach who review app either paid or even free in case your app is really helpful. Their global reach helps in getting your app more visibility. It will also help in increasing the app reviews. These websites have a massive global and relevant follower which also helps in making a good influence on the people. It is advisable to get app review services.

  1. Leverage on feedbacks

Maintain the quality of customer service. It is a common practice for apps to include a “Send Feedback” button that pops up. Asking for feedback from the users, help in maintaining the good image of the brand. You can also add a widget of live chat on your websites page to improve the response rate and for making it convenient for users to interact.

So, these were some of the most widely known ways for improving the user ratings as well as reviews about your mobile application. In general, there are tons of other ways to improve the user ratings of your app, but the best and the most effective ones are already stated above in the article.