9 Ways To Get Rid Off Those Extra Pounds


Aiming to shape up your body? Unnecessary inches refrains you to get in shape? This article will definitely feed you with the perfect solution to these queries.

How do I lose 10 pounds? This is one of the most prominent question people asks. Striving to lose weight quickly, few people often tend to start crash dieting or curb from eating. But this won’t work at all, as the body needs to be fueled up regularly with nutritious food to stay healthy.

Weight loss is a crucial technique, which requires sufficient time. So, it is part and parcel to take properly to schedule workouts and diet plan. For this purpose, there are numerous websites offering diet plans and basic exercises for weight loss based on your need and capacity.

First of all, you need to know how much you want to lose. For this purpose, BMI is used to determine ideal body weight. BMI is Body Mass Index which helps in calculating whether you’re overweight or underweight. It simply uses a mathematical formula that measures person’s weight on the basis of his height.

If you want to check BMI, multiply weight in pounds by 703 and divide it by square of height in inches. For example, A person weighs 200 pounds and he is 5’9” tall. Its BMI would be 29.5.

People with BMI under 18.5 are considered to be underweight. When it falls in between 18.5-24.9, then it is normal and 25-29.9 are considered to be overweight. Whereas, a person having body mass index beyond 30, that person is said to be obese.

Only when we know what is the final destination, the journey becomes easy. Likewise, these calculations would help you extensively in getting a clear idea of the landing point of weight. Many people tend to lose extra weight generating deficiency in the body or lose little weight considering it to be too much.

So, make sure you’re losing weight in appropriate proportion and in an accurate way. Let us take a look for cutting calories in order to keep weight off.

Control your portion sizes: One of the most common mistakes people commit is the gobbling. Eating lots of food together is an awful idea. Actually, our body needs an intake of 100 calories per day. So, it becomes essential to check out portion size of the meal we consume.

Controlling portion sizes of the food can be easily done by shifting to the smaller plates. Filling smaller plates with the food creates a perception in our mind that you ate a lot. Along with this trick, eating slowly would help in digestion and make you feel fuller, avoiding unnecessary calorie intake.

Bed down: Astonished? Yes, having enough sleep can encourage weight loss.

Many of us hold a misconception that sleeping can lead you towards weight gains or else consider other priorities to be more important. But, do you think this is justice to the brain? The brain is the most important organ of the body, so does it requires enough rest. This is possible through sleeping which also helps in boosting up your stamina. If you don’t sleep for enough time, then it would result in gaining more weight.

Think about it: You’re feeling sleepy and to stay active you would opt for coffee or the chips or your favorite chocolate chips ice cream in order to rejuvenate. This shot of energy would bring in calories and sleep deprivation increases food cravings.

Ensure to have a sleep of 7-8 hours and avoid sleep debt which evidently results in weight gains.

Little more Exercising: Working out is a fundamental factor that positively affects the goal of staying healthy. But, the majority of us find it difficult to do it regularly.

Are you escaping gym more than you ought to? One of the best options is to get a strict schedule and an expert trainer. Rigorously following those schedule and workout plans would make your body function well and get you in shape.

Beyond these exercising, swapping can be done in several day-to-day activities such as selecting stairs instead of the lift, switching from car to cycle for transportation, talk on cell phones by walking, etc. These small changes in a lifestyle can work wonders on your health.

Give a break, when you feel full: People crave for foods in such a way that they can’t resist eating excessively. This is very much harmful to our body.

While having a meal, give it a break on eating by the time you feel full. If you extend eating beyond your hunger, you’re inviting detriment of overeating. It reduces the level of hormones which signals the brain that you are full, which evidently promotes more eating.

Tip: Make a habit to eat lesser than your hunger, this tip would assist you to avoid overeating.

Keep hydrated: Being a necessity of our body, water has a vital role in shedding those extra pounds. It gives us energy and increases metabolism that is greatly useful in burning fats.

Each and every functioning of body consumes water, so it is necessary to drink enough water. Moreover, drinking sufficient amount of water makes one feel fuller which also helps in consuming fewer calories.

Track your progress: Tracking progress is as much important as making efforts. Maintain a diary including daily records of exercises and calorie intake.

Studies show that people who have a habit of tracking down everything tend to lose weight easily and in the healthiest way. Scheduling would make us know all the pros and cons of the calories consumed that throws clear idea of which food item is more harmful and which promotes weight loss. Also, you can measure weight twice in a week and jot down in that diary. This way you can “know” whether there is positive progress or not and can learn about the actual health status of your body.

Embrace good fats, neglecting unhealthy ones: Are you aware of two types of fats? Yes, there are two kinds of fat —healthy fat and unhealthy fat.

People often believe fats are unhealthy, but this is the biggest myth. Instead, there are certain foodstuffs which are loaded with healthy fats and are very much important for the healthy body.

Avocado is the best source of healthy fat which reduces calories. Apart from this, cheese, dark chocolate, chia seeds, whole eggs, nuts, fatty fish and extra virgin olive oil are good sources of healthy fats and are highly nutritious.

Expect positive results: Are you fed up with the negative results? This failure in weight loss procedure often gets you to the dead end. Due to this reason, you have started being skeptical on your aptitude to lose weight.

Giving up on the ability to lose weight is a NO-NO situation. Prepare yourself with a sound state of mind and acquire positive expectations for the success of shedding extra calories from your body.

‘What you think, you become’ is the famous proverb that evidently proves it well over here. Flipping thoughts from the negative to positive has a great impact on losing weight.

Intake good amount of Alkaline foods: A human body functions well only when it is at a good pH level. It is actually the measurement of concentrated hydrogen ion in a body. It’s scale ranges from 1 to 14 where 7 considered to be the neutral, below 7 as acidic and above 7 as alkaline.

Whilst concentrating on various diet plans, people often neglect to maintain the pH balance in a body. Ideal pH level of our body is between 7.30 to 7.45, which is slightly on the alkaline side.

In our routine, we consume many foods that are quite acidic such as carbonated water, cheese, buttermilk, club soda and whatnot. But we seldom intake food items those have alkaline in it such as broccoli, spinach, apple, collard and much more.

The thing is that we need to learn about the food items that contains sufficient amount of alkaline and include it in our diet to strike out the acidic content from our body.

Maintaining higher pH balance has oodles of benefits to our body — it helps in preventing arthritis, cancer and various health issues, aids in digestion, increases mental alertness and the most helpful benefit is that abundant physical energy is generated. This abundant energy helps in getting rid of fats in our body.

Take-Away Message: I bet you thought weight loss is tough, ain’t you? It is not at all difficult. Rather, it is a crucial aspect which demands accurate attention.

It is as simple as a basic Mathematical equation: Motivation + Determination + Correct Guidance = Healthy weight loss. Take an inspiration from these insanely amazing ways to lose weight and tweak your lifestyle accordingly.

Demystify myths or misconceptions you carry for the weight loss. Scrutinizing these weight-loss hacks would help a lot to eliminate denying points from it and all you would be left with is the strained golden chunks.

Author Bio:Ryan is a fitness and healthy diet addict who blogs at TheDietSuggestions. He likes Nutrisystem diet plans because it delivers portion-control food to your home with a percentage off Nutrisystem discount code and deals. In its 150+ menu choices, nuts and fish have a prominent place.