8 Best legal websites to watch free movies online


People like to watch free movies online but they moist make sure that they are using legal websites for watching the movies. If people will use an illegal website, they can go into trouble if caught. There are many best movie streaming sites available online and users can navigate to them to watch movies and TV shows of their choice. Here are the details of some of the websites, which are legal, and people can watch movies without any trouble.

IMDb Freedive

It is a new movie streaming website whose owner is Amazon. Users can watch movies without paying any cost. The website is best for those US users who own Fire TV. People outside the US can use the proxy network to watch the movies. The movies available on this website will not be found easily in other free and legal websites.

Yahoo View

It is a free and legal movies website which users can browse and watch the movies free of cost. The website has done a partnership with Hulu. One disadvantage of Yahoo View website is that most of the movies can be watched by the US audience only. People may use VPN but this will not resolve the problem fully.

The user interface of the website is user-friendly and people can search the movies of their choice and watch them online without downloading them.


This website hosts many domains, which users can browse to watch the movies. There are no movies on the website but available on all other domains. The user interface of the website is simple and users can use it easily to watch movies. Users have the option of choosing the movies according to the genre or year.

Pluto TV

It is a free movie streaming website and consists of 75+TV channels. In other words, it can be said that the website can be used in the form of a TV. Users have the option of selecting any channel and streaming the movies. One disadvantage is that people may miss some of their favorite movies. Another disadvantage is that some channels are available for the US audience only so the number of channels will be limited depending on the country.

Besides movies, users can also watch the news, sports, and other entertainment options.

The Internet Archive

This is a website, which users can navigate to watch movies online and also download them. Besides movies, people can also download books, music, and other things. Free virtual library cards are also available which users can use to access the forums. The website is updated regularly and people can find old and new movies.


Users can visit this website to watch and download movies for free. Classic and free TV shows are also available on this website. Android app is also available and users can install it ion their Android mobiles to enjoy the features if the website.

The movies are available on the basis of genre and users can search their favorite movies to watch them. If users want to list all the movies of different categories, they can click the All button.

Open Culture

This website consists of high-quality videos and many movies are available here. Besides movies, users can also find online courses and lessons for free. The website was launched in 2006. The website has a good collection of movies and users can search and watch their favorite ones.


There is a good collecting of movies in this website and users can watch them for free. The user interface of the website is simple and user-friendly and the website can be used easily. Short movies are also available on this website. Another thing that the users can watch is documentaries. The website is no specified to any location and people can access it from anywhere.

Final words

These are some of the legal websites to which the users can navigate and enjoy movies free of cost. Some of the websites are available for US audience only while others can be navigated from anywhere. Users must have the computer with the latest technology along with fast internet connection, which will help in streaming the videos easily. There are very few ads whose duration is very short so users will not be irritated while watching the movies.