7 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bills


With winters right at your doorstep, all your woolen clothes will now have the chance to come out of the closet. The white hanging geezer in your bathroom will finally be of some use and the air conditioner present in your bedroom will finally get some rest. While in some homes the electricity consumption will reduce, in others the heating bills will cause a sharp rise in the bill amounts.

Most people think that during the months of winter the electricity bill should reduce provided there is no longer a need for a fan or AC, however, they are surprised to see this go in other direction. The reason being? The heating equipment used in most homes draw more power and hence consume a greater amount of energy than the cooling ones. According to a report published in U.S.A, the average power units consumed is around 200 kWh more than that in summers.

So how do we save on our bills? How do we ensure that we are able to enjoy winters without the same burning hole in our pockets? Well below are a few tips to help you do the same.

  1. Bring Sun to Use

People during winter days keep windows closed and drapes shut. In their attempt to keep out the cold, they also keep out one of the hottest things in the universe. The Sun can serve as a natural heater for your home should you allow some of the sunlight to seep in. You can open your windows during the afternoon and turn down the central heating system of your house to save some money on your heating bills. Later during the evening shut the drapes back and enjoy the winters while saving some extra bucks.

  1. Make Use of Your Winter Wears

Instead of raising up the thermostat temperature and roaming around in a vest, try to make use of those winter wears you have purchased. Wear a thin sweater or at least a full T-shirt while in your home and pair the same with some warm socks so that the feet don’t feel cold. Have some extra blankets laid out on the couch so that you can comfortably sit on the same without the need of turning up the temperature in your home.

  1. Take Control of The Thermostat Temperature

Don’t just set the temperature of your boiler once and keep it in the same manner throughout the year. This means that if you are turning the temperature of your boiler up during colder days, make sure you turn it down during the warmer once. According to a report, you can save around 3 percent on your current electricity bill by decreasing 1 degree on your thermostat.

  1. Using Ceiling Fans During Winters

Don’t act surprised seeing this point. While ceiling fans do come to a great rescue in the days of summer they can also be tactically used during the days of winters. As you know during summers, fans rotating at high speed push warm air up and thereby cooling the room, they if operated at low speed push the warm air back down during winters. Therefore, once you have your room sufficiently warmed lower the thermostat level and switch on the fan to swing at low speed and hence keeping the level of warmth for a longer period of time.

  1. Try Putting Some Money in Insulation

People may think that getting insulation for your home may cost you much, however, what they don’t realize is that this is a onetime investment offering great returns. Getting your home insulated you would be able to trap all the warm air inside and hence the thermostat won’t be needed to be used again and again. Even there are cheap insulations available in local home décor store which if used can save up to $10 on your monthly electricity bills.

  1. Lower the Thermostat Levels at Night

When you sleeping at night with a blanket over you don’t forget to lower the thermostat levels as the blanket would anyhow provide you the needed warmth. Turning down the temperature at night for let’s say 8 hours of sleep can have a significant effect on your heating bills.

  1. Avoid Using Exhaust When Not Needed

Exhaust, as we know, helps the hot air rise and move out of your home, refrain from using when not required. Turn it off when it is no longer needed for example after cooking and or spraying the house with pesticides.

So, these 7 tips if followed diligently can help you greatly with savings on electricity bills. Make sure that you are able to enjoy winters as they should be instead of constantly worrying about the same burning hole in your pocket.