6 Money-Making Tips for Organizing Your Scrap


We have heard this form every other environmentalist and scrap dealers that we should always separate our scrap it makes the sorting easier. It is true there are different bins available to help you sort your scrap. Mixing up scrap just pollutes the environment. It not only makes the unloading and weighing easier but by separating the metals from other trash will help you earn more. You can easily sell of the scrap metals to scrap buyers and earn a decent amount from it. If you know what kind of scrap you have you can not only organize it beforehand but also make the best out of waste.

Tips to organize your scrap:

Box Materials: Before taking your scrap to the yard make sure to box up the scarp in different boxes as per it’s category. They save a lot of your loading time. Always make sure to separate the metal items from your non-metal scrap. The price of metals keeps varying so check the price before your sell scrap iron or for that matter any other metal.

Strip wire with insulator: If you have many loose wires make sure to keep them seprated. Tie up the similar kind wires if the need be. Keep the bare copper wires or any other metal wires away from the wires that still have the insulators on them. We always suggest scrappers to use the ‘pinky wire rule’ which is to strip off the insulator from the thick wires to get the inner copper wire out. This simple trick gets you more money for the metal scrap.

Collecting E-Scrap: With changing time, we have upgraded our home computers many times but we generally have a habit of stocking up the spare electronics but now if you are planning to get rid of them then just remember there are many types of computer board, like low-grade boards, motherboards, hard drives, CPU’s and more and mixing them up is not a good option as some boards are more valuable than the other so, separate them before it gets all mixed up. Always check with your local scrap yard to know what boards they accept.

Collect Your Copper: Copper is the most expensive commodity to sell so make sure you separate them from rest of the scrap also know the type of Copper your local yard buys so, that you do not lose out on earning some good cash.

Separate Your Steel: Always keep steel and iron separate from other metals because if you do not do so they tend to degrade the other metals. You can check for ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a magnet. If you find that metals like copper or aluminium have got mixed up with ferrous metals try to separate them as it downgrades your material thus, you lose money on your scrap.

Know Your Containers Weight: You should always weight your containers yourself first not that the yard won’t do so but just to make sure they do not cheat you.

Apart from all these we still have some old items lying around at home that we do not use and not even planning to use in future. The best way to get rid of them is by selling them. You can always sell old items online as there will be someone to buy them and use them. It is better that someone else uses the item before it gets completely worn out. These tips can help you properly sell your scrap and also make the most out of it.