6 Different Types of Security Systems to Try Out


Safety is one of the first things everyone has to look out for. In today’s world where greed and theft are inevitable for any successful person not because of the wrong deeds, they have done but because of the living conditions, the others are facing. No matter what the reason one should have always been ready to counter such an event. Since prevention is better than cure you cannot just rely on the insurance you have got to compensate for the loss. Installing security systems is necessary and if you are out there looking for one this might just help you choose from the various options available.

  1. Monitored Security System

While categorizing the security systems in broader terms monitored systems are those which will take complete care of your house and is more of an automated system that will call the police or inform them if a burglary is taking place at your house. However, there are certain disadvantages too. It could take a while until the police arrive at the location and also it costs a little more than other conventional security methods.

  1. Unmonitored Security System

This name suggests being complementary to the previously mentioned type. This will not directly inform the police or any call centre, instead, it will buzz off a loud siren which will alert the neighbors or nearby people who can in turn report criminal activity to the police and themselves rush to scare the burglar away. This is also cheaper and will save the time of waiting until the police reach the place. The major disadvantage is for those who often fight their neighbors.

  1. PIR and Photoelectric Rays

PIR is an abbreviation for Passive Infrared which detects light radiating from objects in its field of view especially the motion of humans if or when it will detect a sudden spike in the temperature of the moving object. This doesn’t work through glass so people outside the house will not be doubted. Photoelectric rays too make use of infrared but this isn’t passive and needs to energy to emit a beam which when obstructed by an intruder sets off the alarm and is a very efficient way of detecting an unexpected visitor.

  1. Detection Using Ultrasonic and Microwaves

As the name suggests, an ultrasonic sensor emits and receives sound waves to detect the distance between the sensor and the objects. It has a fixed pattern of frequency which is detecting distance all around and when a sudden change is noticed and the field is obstructed by an intruder the alarm goes off. Microwaves are an advancement to ultrasonic since they are high radio frequency waves that can penetrate through walls to produce more accurate results. Installing a panic button is also very simple if you use this.

  1. Wireless Security Systems

This isn’t a different type of sensor to detect intrusion rather it is a method of making efficient use of the existing sensors. With IoT gaining immense popularity, security systems can be upgraded as well. The sensor data detected can be processed and in case of an unfortunate event a GSM module, Wi-Fi module or Bluetooth module can be used to wirelessly transmit an emergency message to the assigned people to inform them about it and allow them to take further actions.

  1. Glass Breaker and Current Alarms

Current alarms can be used as glass breaker security system but not the other way around. Glass breaker systems detect the sound waves that occur when a glass is broken and takes appropriate action. Current alarm systems take care of the doors and windows and make a beep sound when they are opened. This is more useful for in-house security of people to know if someone is entering the house.

These were few great and efficient ways one can make sure that they are safe and not feel jeopardize due to the deeds of the society. A pet dog can also kick away the burglar who is trying to steal away your fortune. They are a lot more loyal than few wires here and there learn.