5 Ways to Convince Your Loved Ones to Seek Rehab


It can be quit excruciating to see your loved one caught in the clutches of addiction and substance abuse. Many times, addicts might be in a denial of their addiction which complicates things even more. There are many reasons for such people to not wanting to go into rehab. These range from fear of being recognized and judged to acceptance that they are addicted.
It can get really frustrating for the family members to see their loved ones in such a state and not being able to do anything about it.

As the condition starts to worsen, two things can happen. Either the addicts see the folly in their actions or their resolve to be in denial becomes stronger. The latter can make the condition quite worse forcing the family members to take drastic steps.In cases where the addicts don’t see the sense and continue to deny addiction it becomes absolutely necessary for their loved ones to intervene and sort things out.

It is not always necessary to get the approval of your loved one if you are able to confirm without doubt that they have turned into addicts. This can be easily confirmed with their lifestyle habits and health issues.

Here are some of the ways in which you can try and break it down for your loved ones and convince them to go into rehab treatment centers.

  1. Family Interventions Are the Best Way to Go About It.

A group effort usually works out the best. When the addict sees the effort being taken by so many people for their health, it often makes them change their habits.
But it needs to be handled carefully so that the addict does not feel too criticized as that can push them away from seeking any kind of treatment. But this intervention is all about making the other person see the sense in the conversation.
Don’t go for any impulsive interventions, rather get everything properly planned. Another important part to a successful intervention is getting a fast response and working on that really fast. This needs to be done to prevent the patient from second guessing themselves.

  1. Personally, Talking to Your Loved One Who Is Addicted.

One on one talking is also a great option if you think you have the ability to convince somebody to go into rehab. This is no joking matter and might not be easy so this path should be taken with a complete understanding of what one is trying to achieve. A great way to go about is by doing an extensive research on the addiction and its ill effects. Keep a record of your loved one’s habits to draw parallels between that person and proven addicts. This will definitely help in proving your case to your loved one.

  1. Try Getting Some Professional Help.

This is another great option to try out if you think that this will have a bigger impact on the habits of your loved one.Taking some professional help might actually help drive the point home for the patient. It is important for your loved one to understand the consequences of their action and a professional can actually help a lot in this regard. The professional will have a lot of experience before hand to know how to handle any question or situation they are put in.It is important for the patients to feel comfortable about talking it out to the professional, so you will need to be careful when choosing the professional help.

  1. You Can Try Using Some Audio-Visual Support.

Seeing a strongly placed video which shows the lives of people who have suffered the vices of addiction and come out of it. The video can sometimes have a stronger influence than anybody else.As human beings we end to always relate to somebody. So, if such examples are put in front of the addicted patient it is quite possible for them to see the reason behind the rehab necessity.

Recorded videos of someone really close like the children can also be a great motivator. But this is something that needs to be carefully treaded upon.

  1. Plan Everything and Try to Understand What Your Loved One Has to Say.

Don’t ever go unprepared for anything if you are trying to convince your loved one to get rehab. You need to be the strong and steadfast figure in the entire conversation. It is important to show authority in such situations because it will make sure that your loved one understands that this all being done for their good. Also, to prevent relapses and ensure better reception, having a keen ear is quite necessary. Try to actually understand what led to such poor choices in life. The more you try to understand their position there is a higher chance for them to listen to you.

These can be quite hard times for the family but it is important to know that the end goal is the overall happiness and a better environment for your kids.