5 Tips To Close Job Position Through Referrals


Undoubtedly, referrals are an effective way to close a job position without much effort. Whether the referral is coming from an employee, a potential candidate, you never know how useful that can turn out to be. The time you take to source the candidates is a lot more than what it takes to call a referral and schedule the interview. Referrals improve your chances to close a position soon, especially when an employee does that. Employees mostly recommend someone else to work in their company when they are themselves satisfied with the work environment and policies. And, when the employees vouch for the company, the chances of the referral joining your company after selection increase automatically.

Enough said! You know referrals are great but what do you do when you are not getting any referral or a few referrals? Read this blog to know how as in this blog we tell you how you can get ample of referrals.

Invite referrals
Using recruitment software to source the candidates is okay but why to take the pain when referrals can make your work easier. But, for the same, you will have to invite referrals and remind the employees for it a few times. Otherwise, they may skip thinking of some knowns who might be interested in the vacancy. A little effort from your side can help you a lot.

Offer a perk-
You have to show the employee something that interests them to get you some referrals. Employees are otherwise way too busy with their work and personal life, and so they are less likely to give you any referral. Only if any of their good friends are looking for a change, they will refer him to you, otherwise, they won’t. However, when employees will be given a gift in lieu of the referral like vouchers or money, each employee will become a recruiter for a while and will definitely try to get the referrals.

Maintain the database-
It is vital to maintain the database, referrals should be adopted as a practice that you do monthly wherein, existing employees can submit names for any position in the office. HR can use recruitment software to fill all the names submitted in the database that they can come back to when they need a candidate for a job position. Also, don’t forget to keep updating the list by marking the status and removing the name of the candidate that has moved to a different country and has no chances of coming to your company anytime in future.

Keep in touch- After you have made the database, you should not forget to reach out to those referrals for the open position or to inform them that their name is in the database and they will be contacted whenever something suitable will come up.

Talk like a marketer-
To turn one of those referrals to an employee soon, you should pitch about your company like a marketer. Afterwards, you can extend an offer letter. You can download the offer letter template.