5 Things That Successful Fitness Centers Get Right


Becoming a personal trainer or fitness instructor means you are responsible for running your own fitness center under your rules. Which means you are your own boss and you get no rules or terms from others. You may take this as a part-time job or develop it into a full-time fitness freak. Whether you work as a team or a one to one fitness instructor with your clients you need to bag certain opportunities and things to find success in your area of interest.

1. Promote  a social environment-

Your goal is to put the “community” in the community fitness center. Depending on the size of your space and the market you’re operating in, adding amenities like cafes, pools, and outdoor training areas can go a long way in making members fall in love with your facility and look forward to coming back.

2. Focus on your growth-

 Business growth and development is an important key to success as a fitness professional, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of investing in the business you already have. More often than not, pouring into current clients and projects you’re already running will open new doors on its own. A healthy goal would be to split your time 50-50 between current projects and future development, erring towards current events so you don’t lose business you already have. Keep a running list of ideas for future business ventures, but don’t pursue them until you can create a solid plan for implementation and ensure it fits with your current model. There’s nothing wrong with slow, strategic growth.

3. Focus on holistic health, not just fitness-

With the growing landscape of splendid fitness studios and name-brand fitness centers, it’s not enough to simply put equipment in a room. In fact, the trap of being a fitness-only facility right down there with poor customer service is fatal for your business. Instead, community fitness centers should be looking to adopt a more holistic model for all their clients and focus on serving healthy and energizing routines.

4. Automate your daily processes-

 Unlike some traditional desk jobs where you learn the tricks of the trade during orientation and then repeat the same duties everyday switch to creating an online platform that supports all your desk or paper jobs when it comes to scheduling your classes or meetings with your clients or team members. Automate your fitness center with online scheduling or management software for gyms and fitness centers, like Picktime, to streamline your processes every day. Just take a quick glance at your customized dashboard or your booking page (that syncs your Google or Outlook calendar) every morning to kickstart your day.

5. Adjust when necessary-

A systematic review of client results will show whether a program is working. If and when the data shows a significant lag in results, it’s time to make some changes. Is it a nutritional issue? Is the exercise ineffective? What is the client’s adherence to the program? When you review your business records, ask yourself some questions: Is this is a real or perceived lull in any case? Is there a seasonal slump or a change in the market or another external factor to which you must adjust? Have you slacked off in your marketing efforts, or has your networking and outreach waned? Maybe it’s time for a rate increase or to close down an unsuccessful program. You should ink into your calendar time every three months to review what’s worked and what hasn’t over the last period or get smarter and view your weekly/monthly reports by using Picktime.

The bottom line- Being a fitness professional can be a tough job and a big investment, but in the end, if you love what you do, it’s all worth it! Make every appointment count with Picktime, free scheduling software for every fitness center.