5 Nose-Ring Designs Every Woman Must Check Out!


The hassle that young girls go through while getting a nose-piercing is well-known. But, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it isn’t worth the trouble. A simple nath can change a woman’s look entirely. Nevertheless, nose-rings or naths are one of the essential items in bridal trousseaus.

Further, nowadays nose-rings have emerged as popular contemporary accessories as well. Women willing to experiment with them have broken boundaries with replicas of traditional nose rings that do not require the hassle of piercing one’s nose. For those wishing to experiment with these rings, here are a few designs that they can refer to.

  1. Beaded Bali design.

This is a simple nath having embellishments in various hues. An addition of a small stone at its base further, enhances its effects.

On the one hand, it can regularly be worn on the other hand women can also use this as accessories for a casual hangout, or even a wedding. Bali naths complement traditional and modern outfits equally.

  1. Diamond crusted

Diamond crusted nose-rings greatly enhance a bride’s trousseau. Plus, they’re embellished by pearls as well to enhance their appearance to suit the Maharashtrian bridal attire. Further, these diamond crusted naths work beautifully for ladies who have sharp noses. Plain, yet classy, these nose-rings are also perfect for occasions besides weddings.

  1. Studded golden loops.

This nose ring is a made of gold, and other precious stones studded in between. The stones further accentuate the look of the wearer. These loops are also favourite wedding accessories and are gaining prominence amongst modern Maharashtrian brides for their unconventional design. Nevertheless, these naths are essential components of Maharashtrian jewellery.

  1. Silver naths

One looking for a simple yet ethnic look would do well to sport these silver naths. These nose-rings can also be worn as regular accessories, and as complements to ceremonial attire.

For minimalists as well, these silver naths work wonders. Therefore, wearing those gives ladies, a chic, subtle, minimalist and ethnic look all at once.

  1. Nose Studs

These studs are excellent substitutes for traditional nose-rings. They come in various colours and with a little decoration by a few pearls at their base they work wonderfully as traditional accessories as well.

Plus, nose studs are becoming common favourites amongst ladies who prefer a fusion between eastern and western styles. Therefore, nose studs become the most desired alternatives for a chic fusion look.

Apart from these, here are a few choices on nose rings that ladies can experiment with:

  • Simple chained nose-rings.
  • Black or white platinum nose-rings.
  • White gold rings with or without chains: One must also note that these white gold rings are popular amongst celebrities who’ve worn them on the red carpet.

Therefore, these are a few nose-ring styles that ladies can experiment with. Though these rings are largely a part of the Maharashtrian attire, yet, they can work wonders for ladies everywhere. Nose-rings or naths are the perfect complements to a lady’s attire since they give a finish to the female attire like no other accessory.