5 exotic places to visit in Karnataka this monsoon season


Nature puts up a fascinating show during the monsoon season in Karnataka, making it the best time to go on monsoon trips. Whilst the Western Ghats display their exuberant charm, the coastal regions of the Arabian Sea become all the more mesmerising when the initial drops of water touch the ground.

Monsoon in Karnataka turns the state into an even more magical place. The plantations in Coorg will soothe your eyes with its lush greenery and panoramic vistas. The monuments of Bidar and Hampi look majestic drenched in the rain. And, the glistening waterfalls of Agumbe turn into roaring wild beasts.

Due to the onset of heavy rains, Karnataka’s weather in July is humid yet comforting. The southern and coastal regions of Karnataka receive heavy rainfall during this time. There are numerous resorts near Bangalore for family getaways to bundle up, unwind and enjoy the weather.

What to do during the monsoons:

Although the heavy downpours limit the sightseeing options, there are various other exhilarating experiences.

Hampi – Fantastic photos

Hampi is one of the best locations to experience the monsoon in the state. The dry panoramas of Hampi turn into sprawling lush pastures. The historic temples which dot the beautiful landscape of Hampi look enchanting when drenched by the rains. The cozy weather makes it easier to commute from one monument to another in the pursuit of stunning pictures. The moody sky poses as a dramatic backdrop for the photos of the structures. It is truly magical to experience beautiful Hampi in the rains.

Maravanthe – Scenic road trips

Maravanthe is a tiny village sitting along NH 66 in Karnataka, where the sea and the river become one. One side of the village is engulfed by the Arabian Sea whilst on the other side, the Souparnika River, flows in tranquility. Maravanthe becomes one of the most mesmerising beach roads which why you ought to go on a road trip here. And, did we mention how dreamy the scenery looks during the golden hours? You have to see it for yourself.

Agumbe- Cascading water bodies

Agumbe is one of the best nature places near Bangalore known for its gorgeous waterfalls, splendid climate, and lush life. This high-altitude village in Shimoga district is referred to as the ‘Cherrapunji of South’. It has many waterfalls like Jogi Gundi Falls, Barkana Falls and Onake Abbi, which transform into thunderous beasts during the rainy season. The other attraction in this place is the numerous trekking and hiking trails amidst the serene and tranquil rainforests of Agumbe which is home to an abundant species of rare and exotic flora and fauna.

Kabini – The best of nature

One of the best wildlife reserves in the country, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary was a private hunting area during the British raj. Today, it attracts tourists from far and beyond. It is a must visit for all nature lovers and adventure seekers amidst the imposing waterfalls and expansive greenery. Kabini has substantial hints of various components of nature, be it the diverse plantations, or abundance of flora and fauna ranging from mammals to carnivores to aviary species or the brilliant terrain where each element is a part and parcel of each other. Kabini is also home to numerous resorts such as Discovery Village where you can unwind with engaging outdoor activities or revel in the luxurious shelters with modern amenities.

Coorg – Perfect getaway

Just when you think that Coorg could not get any more surreal, wait for the monsoon season to arrive. The expansive coffee plantations rolling behind the thick mist looks so whimsical and dramatic. Take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the Madikeri town while it is drenched by the rain from the Raja’s Seat, the high point of Coorg. Abbey Falls, is another popular tourist attraction in this region, transforms into a fairyland during the monsoons. Not even the rain is able to stop the passionate bikers and backpackers to visit Coorg to enjoy a hot cup of refreshing coffee amidst the plantations. Simply put, this is one of the most stunning destinations in the country which becomes all the more beautiful during the rainy season.