5 Call Center Technologies Which Effects Agent Training and Performance

Woman using high technology for communication

Technology is a term which has sophisticated impact over human, as it is collection of different tools which makes it easy to utilize, much easier to create and simply to exchange information.  Reason of extraordinary excellence in customer center is technology, it has wide range and must be in shape of auto dialer, predictive or manual, interactive technology or voice broadcasting, workforce management software and customer relationship management system to share workflow, making strategies and draw graphs of daily sales and agent productivity, there are hundreds of advance technology use in call center and without those, call center industry never think to take single step towards customer’s satisfaction, for instance desktop system, headphones, call dialer software, call recordings facility are some of the basic necessities of call center industry.

Modern and advanced technology in call center industry demand more refined, well experienced and skilled agents to perform their jobs sufficiently.  How to hire these sufficient and suitable agents to use advance technology? It’s quite simple call center executives hire supervisor to train agents according to technology.

Training in essential and necessarily part in call center life, as agents are the front desk representatives of call center and first impression for customers, if it will be negative to customers, none of your existing and new will be connected with yours, Only 44% of executives gave importance to agent training. Under define points will clearly define importance of agent’s training:

  • How to use advance technology like auto-dialer and predictive dialer
  • What are the benefits of customer relationship management
  • How to utilize computer telephony integration for caller identification
  • To provide up-to-date product knowledge
  • How to handling difficult situation
  • How to tackle angry customer
  • How to convert call into sales pitch
  • How to turn visited customer to sales

Agents training will help them to overwhelm undefined points. Probably, agents training in essential for up-to-date product knowledge, technology knowledge for instance what advance technologies are and how to use them, how to convert calls into sales and unsatisfied customer to satisfied are some of the obvious reasons for agent training.

Firstly define importance of call center technology and then agent training, now back to main points, call center technologies which effects agents training and performance, there are as many technologies as we search out, so I select 5 from them which have keen impact on call center industry: to improve their technology and efficiency, to agents for instance: training, performance and for customer’s satisfaction, loyalty and interest as well.

Take a walk down to know, what are those 5 call center technologies which positively affected on agent training and performance and all your agents need is sufficient training to improve their services and for customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.



When agents take first step towards call center technology they would meet Predictive dialer, this technology has wide use in call center industry, if we say that industry is running cause of this technology, it would not be wrong as well. Predictive dialer is auto-dialer, which dials multiple numbers at once without connecting with no signal calls, out rated calls, answering machine and busy signals, just connect to live calls when predict agents are free to talk on call and customers are too.  It is probably use for outbound calling to increase productivity, enhance agent performance and minimize cost of calling. Predictive dialer technology has positive effect on agent training and performance, it is true, to train agents will takes extra time, money and concentration but advantages of dialer have a strong list for agents and executives. Avatar Dialler, leading call center solution provider has optimistic pros for call center agents for instance:

  • Predictive dialer use for Auto and multiple campaigns
  • Display script which help agents to convey his message more adequately
  • Sometime calls drop, dialer has option to send voicemail to drop caller
  • Call disposition, local caller ID and schedule to call back effects of agent performance too
  • Agent status board helps to improve agent performance and training session as well.

Predictive dialer technology helps call center agents in training period, also in learning period to improve their performance and services.



Call center technology make path higher for agents to perform their duty well and accomplish customer’s expectations which are changing with new technologies, computer telephony integration (CTI) is another technology which efficiently effects on agents performance.

CTI is call center technology which allows agents to interact with customers using computer integration and some of others communication tools for instance, Emails, Text messages, web messages, fax and live chat etc. with CTI, call center agent connected with customers live calls and respond them quickly and timely.  Some of the major effects on agent’s performance of CTI technology are underneath:

  • Agents make calls and receive calls directly through their computer system
  • When dialing or receiving, complete information of customer’s show on agents desktop to know who is on the other ends
  • Integration of caller automatically unified into dashboard.
  • CTI works more efficiently routing calls
  • More efficient monitoring by agents for more effective service



Interactive Voice response (IVR) or Voice Broadcasting is automated voice response unit which ease call center agent’s workflow and minimal burden and maximize performances.  IVR is technology which based on segmentations and difficult to understand easily, agents required training session to understanding and how to use it during his life circle. IVR is quick automated voice which detect customer’s availability, when call connected with customer, IVR technology pass call to agent which minimal waiting time. IVR is telephony menu system that enables identification of caller’s segmentation press-1 to campaign, press-2 to different campaigns, press-0 to live agents and connects to the best agent of call center. IVR technology share agent’s workflow, if IVR not connected with customers, all these work will be done by agents that will definitely too difficult for agents. Some more effects of IVR on agent performance are as below:

  • Route the caller to right agent
  • Prioritize call on value
  • Pre-recorded messages to customers
  • Only forward those callers who are interested in product



CMS technology use for effective performance of agents in call center, as it offers its best service in outbound call center where campaign management system software provide numbers of customers list to agents and compulsory data information about customer, which helps to more engage agents with customers, where customers feel comfort and relax to share their personal data information with agents. 



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the last in my list, but not the least technology which beneficiate call center agents, executives and managers by its never ending services. CRM is software which integrate with call center dialer software, it can easily integrated and useable in call center for agents, CRM use to manage customer information by agents in call center, rather save forums, notepad, use notebook for updates and what about to edit customer’s information, personal data and card information etc, there are much chances to misplace or misbehave with them. CRM save agents, executives and business from such kind of mishaps and losses.

Customer relationship management as name define use to manage relationship, make sales reports on daily basis, helps agents to draw sales graphs with single click, agents manage their leads, old and upcoming leads customer’s automatically updated with clicking and for making strategies. Some of the key helping points of CRM are underneath which effect agent performance and to make it efficient, effective and enhance:

  • With CRM, agent can integrate with Calendar, activity and notification management
  • Agents could mass mailing to mass audience
  • Agent performance reporting which push them to improve their performance
  • Automated agent lead generation


Call center with wide range of service providers to all over the world with maximum potential, millions of agents deal with customers to offer them exceptional services, all they attained by technologies which use it call center, without giving them importance. Some of them elaborate in this article, for instance: Predictive dialer, dial multiple numbers at once and increase agent’s performance and productivity 300% times. Computer telephony integration (CTI) built-in thousands of customer’s numbers having complete personal information to know who is on the next end. IVR pre-recorded messages which indicate through voices, having different options like press-1 campaigns etc. Campaign management system (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) effects on agent performance, productivity and ease their task for making leads, to draw sale’s graphs. Technologies open their hand for acceptance, on the other hand human—agents get facilitated and positively affected by call center technologies.