48 People Were Killed Of Heavy Rainfall In Shimla And 20 Feared Trapped


The news of the temple crash in Shimla sent shivers down the spine of the people. It was an awful day when nine people were killed due to the unfortunate incident. As if that wasn’t enough, twenty more people were feared to be trapped under the remains. The heavy rainfall in the state had caused several landslides, and in Himachal pardesh  more than 700 roads were an indication of the severity of the situation.

As the monsoon violence rages on in Himachal Pradesh, the state continues to bear the brunt of nature’s fury. The latest reports reveal that the killed toll has risen to 29 in just two days, with no signs of the rainfall decline any time soon. Among the victims are nine individuals who were tragically buried under the remains of a temple in Shimla.

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The thunderous sound of the landslide had just come to an end. The once serene Shimla city was now devastated with boulders and debris everywhere. Fear spread like wildfire as people rushed to safety.

15 to 20 people were feared to be trapped in the two landslides that had struck the city. The clock was mark and every second was crucial in the race against time to recover them.

The brave men and women on the ground quickly jumped into action, fixed to save as many lives as possible. The rescue efforts were ongoing, and it was a race against time. The hope was all that they had.

The tragedy at the Shiv Temple had shaken the whole city to its core. Nine lives lost in a matter of moments was a devastating blow, and the locals were struggling to come to terms with the tragedy. The temple, which was once a symbol of hope and faith, was now a haunting reminder of the lives that were lost that fateful day. It wasn’t just the tragedy at the temple that had rocked Shimla. The cloudburst had claimed the lives of seven members of a single family, leaving their loved ones shattered and heartbroken

The people of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand could feel a fresh spell of Western Disturbance descending upon their homes. The gentle pitter-patter soon turned into a deafening roar, as the sky opened up and unleashed its fury upon the land.

The Indian Meteorological Department had warned of heavy rains, and their predictions were not wrong.The news of heavy rainfall was spreading like wildfire throughout the Beas, Ranjit Sagar, and Pong dam catchment area. 

The skies above Himachal Pradesh wept and howled relentlessly for weeks, unleashing a fury of destruction upon the state. The rain fell in torrents, swelling the rivers and streams beyond their limits. As the floodwaters rose higher and higher, they flooded entire villages, sweeping away homes and livelihoods in their wake.

The administration reported a staggering price of ₹ 7,000 crore as the state struggled to cope with the detriment. Over 1,376 homes were destroyed completely, leaving their owners homeless and destitute. Meanwhile, another 7,935 houses were left partially damaged, forcing families to live in temporary shelters until the waters receded.

But the cost of this natural disaster was more than just financial. Over 260 lives were lost as the rains pounded down relentlessly, triggering landslides and flooding that buried entire communities in mud and debris.