4 Of the Best Vacuums for Stairs In 2017

Best Vacuums for Stairs

Vacuuming stairs is one of the most strenuous tasks for many people especially if one doesn’t have the right tools for it. It can even be difficult if you have to drag your vacuum cleaner all the way up and down and this makes many people opt not to do the vacuuming regularly. However, you can make your work easier and less arduous by choosing the best vacuum for stairs. This article will discuss 4 of the best vacuum cleaners for stairs in 2017 to help make your selection easier. They include the following: –

What should you look for?

First, the vacuum should offer powerful suction which makes it possible for use even on other kind of surfaces. It is also good to consider the weight and the best vacuums for stairs are generally lightweight thus making them portable. You will also need to look for a vacuum that has a long hose and multiple, easy-to-use attachments. This said, here are 4 of our best picks for 2017: –

  1. Shark Navigator NV365E

One of the best features with the Shark Navigator NV365E is that is has a HEPA filter and anti-allergen technology thus helping keep the air clean. The upright vacuum has lift away canister which makes it the best vacuum for stairs. It also comes with incredibly strong suction and a 30-ft cord which makes it easier to vacuum your stairs without unplugging. You can also enjoy an efficient and quick clean by attaching the upholstery brush or crevice tool.

  1. Eureka Easy Clean 71B

This is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners for stairs at only 6.8 pounds. The vacuum has dual motors which make it superbly great for cleaning stairs. One of the mortars is designed for powering the revolving brush and the other one for suction. Eureka Easy Clean 71B has a 20-foot cord and can be used on other surfaces such as car interior and upholstery. Its onboard crevice tool, 5.5 Amps power and Riser Visor definitely make your cleaning easy and faster.

  1. Hoover FH50220

The Hoover FH50220 is an absolute lightweight coming in at 22 pounds only. The vacuum is not only suitable for cleaning stairs but does well on carpets thanks to its impressive power suction. It has a long cord for an easy reach of your stairs with its patented SpinScrub technology guaranteeing an impeccable cleaning experience. This patented SpinScrub technology uses 60 rotating brushes which are capable of offering deep carpet cleaning. Its 9-foot hose offers a good reach thus making it unnecessary for you to move the unit when cleaning.

  1. Bissell 4122

This canister vacuum weighs 8 pounds thus making it one of the lightest stair vacuums in the market. It also has a 17-foot power cord and 10 amps, a good combination which guarantees manoeuvrability and cleaning power. Bissell 4122 comes with two brushes with varying suction power. The smaller suction brush and the larger brush means easier cleaning for different stair surfaces. Its long hose also helps clean without moving it up and down the stairs.

Any of these would make for the best vacuum for stairs in 2017. With different brands offering different specifications, it would also be important for you to read the vacuum cleaner reviews to establish the suitability of each based on your needs.