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4 Easy Steps for Mac Hard Drive Recovery


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How to do the Mac hard drive recovery? During the time you use Mac notebook, you may have saved many things. They are including the pictures, files, documents, and many more. Then, when you think that the drive has been full, you may delete some of them that are old or not relevant to your jobs or interests. But after several times, you just realize that the deleted data are still needed. Is it possible anyway to bring them back? Of course, it is by doing some steps of the Mac data recovery.

Download and Install the Software

Unfortunately, Mac still doesn’t provide its own software to recover the deleted data. So, you have no choice but to download and install the software by yourself. Recoverit is the software you should choose for some benefits. To recover data from Mac hard drive, it is really fast and easy. Besides, it is compatible with any causes of deletion.

In the beginning, you can download the trial version first to known how the software works. If you have satisfied with it, it is the time to download and install the full or premium version. To download it, you only need to go to the official website of Recoverit data recovery. Since there are some types of software for various OS, make sure to choose the data recovery software for Mac.

Launch the Software and Choose the Options

After you ensure that the Mac hard disk recovery software has been installed well, you can launch it by double clicking the icon. There are 4 different options. Choose the first option; it is Lost File Recovery for the data that are deleted in purposes. Meanwhile, the other options are for the data lost due to the corruption, disk format activities, virus, malware, and more.

Choose the Drive

If you can remember where the data previously saved, it is much better anyway. It can just make the data recovery for Mac faster and easier. Yes, the next window asks you to choose what drive to be scanned. Besides, there is also a question regarding the file you want to look for. If you want to find one complete folder, this question can be ignored.

Right after choosing the type of files and the drive to recover files from Mac hard drive, you may choose 2 types of scanning methods. It is recommended to choose the Enable Deep Scan mode mainly if you want to find the files until the details. This is also really good for the extensive scanning for the files that have been deleted a long time ago.

On the other hand, the Raw Recovery mode is if you want to find many files at once with the similar name in the Mac hard disk recovery. With the second option, the scanning process is faster as well although this mode is more effective to figure out the files that are recently deleted.

Save the Files

The scanning process to recover data from Mac hard drive may take some minutes. As it has been mentioned above, the Enable Deep Scan may spend more minutes even up to 10 minutes. But just after the scanning process is over, you can see the possibilities of the files that you look for. They are presented on the window simply appeared when the scan is finished.

The next step to do is saving the files. Anyway, how is to make sure which one among them the intended files? There is a preview feature to see the files closer. If it is sort of documents you can even read the sentences in it. Meanwhile, if it is the pictures, you can see them bigger.

Make sure to provide a special folder before saving the files. If it is possible, you need also to provide another folder in the external drive as the backup files. To save the files, you can just right-click the file and then choose the option Save As. Next, name the file and click save as the last step to recover files from Mac hard drive. Be careful next time when you want to delete your files. Well, they can still be needed in the future anyway.

Losing the files whether it is accidentally or not is no longer a problem nowadays. There are now some kinds of software for Mac hard drive recovery that is worthy to install. Recoverit is one of them that do not only guarantee the data to be back but also allow you to pass through such an easy process.

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