4 Creative Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend’s Birthday Celebration


Chocolates, traditional roses and other personalized gifts may lean towards cliché. Therefore, we round up some 4 creative gift ideas which will surely spill romance and will give your sweetheart a nice surprise which she might not be expecting on her birthday this year. Let the gift ideas be little out of the box which might just sweep her off her feet and make her feel truly loved and special.

Surprise Vacation

It won’t be always easy for you to take out time from your busy schedule to take out time from work. So how about secretly packing her suitcase for a surprising vacation can make this idea really wonderful. It shows your significant other that you can walk that extra mile just to make her feel special. Delivering the surprise is out utmost important too, hence, when you send flowers to the UK hide the vacation ticket inside it to surprise her truly.


Blue Rose

Red Roses are definitely the most obvious pick but since you are planning to do something different so it is best for you to go with the unobvious. Shop for a unique collection of blue roses which will be the perfect way to let her know that you have put some special thought to make her day special.Blue roses are considered to be a strong symbolism of love and prosperity and will great gifts for your girlfriend too.


Balloon Surprise

Tie a love note or a ring with confetti into the neck of the balloon. And pop it up as a surprise as she blows off the candle and starts cutting the cake. Trust me it will be a surprise which she is listing to have for a very long time.

Private Picnic

If you have budget constraints, planning a picnic at the park in the vicinity will definitely be a nice option. A surprise pop-up of a picnic is a great way to let her know that you have taken inspiration from the movies to make her feel special. Prepare a light breakfast for her and I am sure she wouldn’t expect more.


Besides these, you can think of several other options suiting to your girlfriend’s taste and personality which will make the best birthday gift for her.