3 ways to improve Help Desk Services by reducing Ticket Resolution Time

business, technology, internet and networking concept - businessman pressing Customer Support button on virtual screens

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

Seth Godin

For any company, it is paramount to offer top-notch support service, especially when customers are confronting technical issues as that’s how business’s credibility can be maintained for a long time span. In addition, this can’t be overlooked because customers often decide to leave the brand when they don’t get quality help desk support service at the time of need.

Do you know the factor that decides the quality of help desk support service? No? Well, it is how quickly tickets have been resolved. What’s more, ticket resolution time is somewhere connected with customer experience.

Take a gander at the following 3 ways that would help to reduce the ticket resolution time in order to improve the quality of help desk services:

  • Keep all the information at one place

Generally, businesses fail to render quality help desk services by running an in-house call centre because they take too much time while solving tickets. Consequently, this leads to high ticket resolution time, which not only raises questions on the business’s credibility but also leads to customer defection.

The most effective way to reduce the average ticket resolution time is keeping all the product/service-related information at one place i.e. knowledge base. This factor can do wonders because a good knowledge base can really lend a hand in solving tickets swiftly.

By means of a reliable knowledge base, furthermore, help desk agents can also assist customers in the best possible manner, which consequently, leads to the deliverance of splendid support experience.

Hence, if you want to offer quality help desk services on your own, create a reliable knowledge base as soon as possible. Or you can cut all the hassle by simply availing outsourced technical support services of a reputed vendor.

  • Give attention to the ticket creation process

Generally, help desk support agents fail to solve a ticket on time because of unclear information that it contains. This factor cannot be neglected because well-written tickets often result in faster resolutions whereas poorly created ones bring unnecessary hassle that affects the overall business’s productivity in a negative manner.

That’s why established help desk service providers always ensure that their agents don’t get careless while creating tickets. So, if you want to keep your customers happy without availing outsourced technical support services, give more attention to the ticket creation process.

  • Ticket categorisation

To bring the ticket resolution time down, it is significant to solve help desk cases according to their complexity level. It is vitally important because if junior help desk support agents handle intricate issues, obviously, they would take more than enough time in rendering solutions. This isn’t good for a business’s brand image.

Thus, if you want to take care of customers’ needs by yourself, make sure that your senior and junior help desk agents solve tricky and moderate issues respectively. The two major benefits of doing this are:

  • Quality resolutions would be delivered in less time.
  • The problem of large ticket backlogs wouldn’t arise.