telemarketing companies


Indisputably, telemarketing is one of those practices of marketing which helps in driving exponential number of sales. Irrespective of the nature of the product, if telemarketing is done in the correct manner and the potential customers are pitched appropriately, then the sales is bound to witness a hike.

However, a good telemarketing team is vital for increasing the efficiency of the sales pitch and in order to build a proficient team, one needs skilled agents. Effective telemarketing companies UK are known for their trained representatives who assist the companies attain the goal of sales.  Here are 3 of the best tips which are used by UK based telemarketing firms when it comes to hiring agents.

  1. Take a telephonic round before hiring:

Before asking them to come in for the face-to-face round, ask them to call the voice mail which briefs the candidate about your company and the job. Thereafter, ask them to leave their names and phone numbers. Along with that ask the candidates to tell you about themselves and why they consider themselves as the right fit for the job position.

By solely listening to how the applicants sound on the phone and the way they sell themselves in the voice mail messages, you’ll be able to shortlist candidates from the entire group.

  1. Work on creating specific interview questions:

Prior to taking the interview, always prepare a list of specific work-related questions which you’re looking forward to asking. Doing so would help you analyse the answers of all the candidates later without getting influenced by your personal liking for a particular candidate. Process of choosing the correct candidates for further rounds will become a lot easier this way.

  1. Focus on behaviour and skills:

During the face-to-face round, apart from analysing the candidates on the basis of their answers to your interview questions, pay special attention to their behaviour and traits. Try to draw constructive conclusions from the way they talk and behave. Important factors that can be considered are the ability to maintain a continuous flow of communication, capacity to persuade the potential customers to buy your products, and the level of confidence.

Experts are of the opinion that the quintessential qualities in a telemarketing agent are empathy, drive, service motivation, diligence, self-esteem, and flexibility. So, make it a point to check through your questions in order to understand if they would be able to work under pressure.

Now that the secret of telemarketing companies UK is known to you, you can start working on selecting the best applicants from the lot and training them the right way in order to escalate and contribute towards the execution and success of your company further.