3 Qualities of Calling Agents that Will Make Your Customer Happy


There is no denial to the fact call centre industry has been thriving since its inception. How successful an industry is depends on the fact how well preserved are the secrets of the industry. Every industry has its well kept secrets. The same stands true for the call centre industry. The success of a call centre, be it an inbound or an outbound call centre depends on the efficiency of its calling agents. Factors like how proficiently a call centre agents take a call, how soon he is able to wrap the call, how many times he provide a customer with satisfactory resolution in first call and others decides the customer experience and customer satisfaction level.

Outsource call centre

More often than not, an organization that decides to outsource call centre function is looking for a service provider that can help the organization improve its customer experience and satisfaction level by ensuring that its customer receives quality product and best in-class customer care support. It no longer remains a fact that customer care support plays a vital role in retaining existing customers and even in generating new leads. It is best known that only experienced and skilled call centre agents, who have complete knowledge of the product and are patient with customers can provide best in-class customer care support.  Therefore, it is important for an organization while deciding to outsource call centre functions that it does some research work, finds out the history of the outsourcing partner that it wants to connect with and ensures that the employees employed there are experienced and skilled in a particular domain and follow practices that are characteristic of good agents. Top three practices that a good call centre agent follows are:

  • Good and proficient agents seldom follow a pre-defined script: This is a common perception of people that organizations that outsource call centre functions give agents a pre-defined script that they have to follow. This may be right to a certain extent, but this does not stand true in all scenarios. A good agent does not always follow a script. He is so experienced and tactful that he can promptly respond to tricky situations.
  • Good and proficient agents are knowledge repository: A customers calls in outsource call centre either to register a complaint/issue or because he is seeking some information. More often than not, a customer thinks that a manager or supervisor is the knowledge hub of a call centre. On the contrary, it is the calling agent who has more accurate knowledge pertaining to product and services than a manager or supervisor. These agents interact with numerous customers on daily basis ensuring that every customer gets a satisfactory response. This experience enriches them with knowledge that enables them to answer each call proficiently.
  • Good and proficient agents are always nice to a customer: Dealing with an irate customer is a challenging task. It requires patience to hear and make sense of a customer who is yelling instead of talking. In such scenarios, a good agent will apologize to calm down the customer; empathize to gain confidence and re-gain trust and offer possible solutions to resolve the issues.

These are the three sought after qualities of a call centre agent. Such agents sincerely care about customers and take their job seriously. If your outsourcing partner that you are planning to reputed outsource call centre function to has a team of such call centre agents who have all follow all these practices in their routine work, then rest assure your customers will receive best in-class customer care services. Having such call centres agents works for you is a sure shot way to climb the ladder of success.