167 transformative steps in 100 days: How will Modi Govt. pull it off?


Buoyed by a landslide mandate in the recent general elections, Modi 2.0 government has mapped out an action plan for the first 100 days in office, the leading daily news app reported. Team Modi aims to get past the red tapes to fast track the implementation of 167 transformative ideas and deliver tangible outcomes by October 15, 2019. Modi 2.0 is serious about bettering the performance of Modi 1.0 on the economic front and catapulting India to a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025, besides justifying the massive mandate.

Earlier in June, the PMO went on an overdrive, asking all ministries to outline their priorities for the first 100 days with well defined measurable outcomes and submit the report ASAP. Based on the reports from ministries and suggestions from the Sectoral Group of Secretaries and deliberation by the Group of Ministers, 167 “big bang” ideas were shortlisted for quick execution in the first 100 days of the Modi government’s second stint. Per the news in Hindi app, the approved ideas are cantered on addressing public grievances and upping the economic growth.

Despite putting up impressive growth figures in the recent past, the Indian economy is showing signs of a slowdown. The fiscal deficit is mounting and the job growth is simply inadequate. Plus, the trade war between the US and China is impacting the global economy and India may feel the tremors as well. The widespread farm distress is also a fact of life for India. According to the latest Hindi Samachar app, the agriculture sector employs over 60% of the country’s manpower and contributes roughly 15.8% towards the GDP. In important sectors like agriculture, any stagnation will reflect badly on the country’s growth in the long run.

The Modi 2.0 doesn’t have any room to manoeuvre things around. So, this time around, it’s focusing on total factor productivity. While singular reforms were the story in the first stint, the first 100 days of the second stint will see some changes in the labour laws, along with privatization moves and establishment of land banks, reported by breaking news in Hindi app. In fact, doubling the farm income was a major poll plank for the BJP in the recent general elections and Prime Minister Modi will be keen to put up some serious efforts to realize it.

Respective secretaries have been tasked with implementing the big bang ideas in their ministries while the PMO will closely monitor them. The secretaries are directed to forward a weekly status report to the PMO by each Friday evening, failing which they are liable to an action. Performance monitoring dashboards will also be put up by the ministries on the projects to be implemented. The idea is to keep the public informed on the progress of the projects.