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11 Questions Everyone Want to Ask Related To Bridging Visa B Introduction


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Bridging visa Bis a temporary visa. When the applicant for a new substantive visa is under processing by the Department of immigration, thisbridging visa 020allows the applicant to leave and return Australia. If the applicant returns Australia within the period which is mentioned on the visa, they can stay lawfully in Australia. When the applicant applies for the judicial review also they have to submit another application for a bridging visa 020.

Purpose of the Bridging visa B

The main purpose of the Bridging visa B which is mentioned below:

  • When the substantive visa of the applicant is being processed they can also be allowed to work in Australia through the Bridging Visa B.
  • With this bridging visa b 020, the applicant stays lawfully in Australia, until complete the processing of substantive visa application.
  • The period which is mentioned on the visa, if the applicant can leave and return to Australia under time limitation

Eligibility criteria of the Bridging visa B

  • The applicant must hold a substantive visa.
  • The applicant already holds the Bridging Visa A or Bridging Visa B
  • There is no age limitation in the visa application. The applicant can be in any age when applying for the visa.
  • The applicant must have to valid application for the substantive visa.
  • The applicant must meet the character requirements.
  • The applicant has to be in Australia when the applicant applied for a bridging visa b 020.
  • if the applicant fulfills all the eligibility requirements. The applicant has been in Australia during the time of the visa grant.

Effect of the Bridging visa B

Thebridging visa b 020comes into effect:

  • When the bridging visa is granted.
  • If the substantive visa validation is ended.
  • When the visa is granted the applicant has to follow all the conditions of the applicant.
  • If the bridging visa b 020 allow the applicant for work. They can be eligible to work in Australia.

According to the judicial review remaining lawful

If the review of merit tribunal supports the applicant’s decision and refuse substantive visa application and the applicant applied for the judicial review. The applicant must apply for a bridging visa to keep maintain the lawful status through proceedings of the judicial review.

Stay time with bridging b Australia

All these things which determine the Bridging visa Bis ended, mentioned below:

  • The substantive visa for the applicant is refused.
  • Applicant’s judicial or merit review is decided.
  • The applicant cannot stay Australia by extending their visa
  • Judicial review information that the applicant any jurisdiction does not consider the application for review.
  • If the applicant once notified for the outcome, the applicant sees the exact time to stay in Australia.
  • If the applicant wanted to stay longer in Australia, they can apply for a new visa.

Include family member

If a family member of the applicant have both are applied together for the substantive visa in Australia, they can include them in the application of the bridging visa. This means if the applicant and the family members have to complete one application form and pay one application charge of visa. But, every member of the family will have to fulfill all the requirements of the bridging visa.

Those family members who have reasons for a substance which is important for travel outside of Australia should be included bridging visa application. If some of the family members do not want to travel outside of Australia, they can live in Australia depend on their current bridging visas.

The application process of the bridging B 020

  • When the visitor applied for a substantive visa, he automatically applied for a bridging visa.
  • Complete the application of the bridging B 020through online
  • Submit all the needed documents which are required for the application.
  • When the applicant applied they must be in Australia.
  • If any member included in the application they also stay in Australia.

There are a few reasons when the application takes a longer process:

  • If the applicant does not fill correctly the application form.
  • If the applicant did not include all the documents which are needed.
  • When the authorities want more information from the applicant.
  • Sometimes the application takes time for verification.

Cost of the Bridging visa B

The total cost of the application for bridging visa b020is AUD155.

Processing time of visa subclass 020

Processing time is not available in the Bridging visa B 020.

The obligation of the Bridging visa B 020

The obligation of the visa which is applied to the applicant and the included family member is mentioned below:

  • Follow all the Australian laws.
  • The applicant needs to follow all the conditions of the current visa.
  • When the Bridging visa B 020is in effect, the applicant has to comply with all the conditions of the visa.
  • If the Bridging visa B 020will be granted, the visa authority lets the applicant know about the conditions in the case of working.

Travel limitation of the bridging visa b 020

When the specified travel period of the applicant is ended, the visa authority grants the applicant’s bridging visa. If the applicant holds a bridging visa where the travel period which is specified has ended but the applicant wants to travel outside of Australia again, the applicant has to apply for another bridging visa. The visa will be granted before the applicant leaving Australia.


When the applicant’s substantive visa is being processed the applicant can use this bridging visa b 020. They follow all the conditions of bridging visas. With the help of this visa, the applicant can return and leave Australia as many times the applicant wants. But this is possible when the time limitation of the visa is valid. The visa authority digitally links the applicant visa with the passport, the applicant not get any label in their passport. You should always consult a migration agent Adelaide for your all visa related issue as they resolve them and make your visa journey hassle-free.


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