10 Skin Problems That Might Indicate Diabetes


Diabetes could impact various parts of the body including the skin. In such cases, it is a signal that the blood sugar level is higher than normal. In such cases, you should visit the best diabetes treatment hospital in Gurgaonlike Umkal Hospital.

Below are a few skin problems that signal the presence of diabetes.

1. Blisters

Even though it is a rare condition, diabetic people develop blisters. These may be single or present in groups and appear on legs, feet, forearms, or hands. This condition requires you to ask your doctor about ways to control your diabetes.

 2. Darker Area Of Skin That Feels Like Velvet

The presence of a dark band of skin on your groin, neck, or armpit signals that you have an excess of insulin in your blood. It is essential to get a test for diabetes if you observe this sign.

3. Hard, Thickening Skin

Such skin grows on your toes or fingers and even feel like pebble surface. These are also found on the neck, shoulders, and upper back. It shows the presence of diabetes that is difficult to cure.

4. Yellow, Reddish, Or Brown Patches On Your Skin

Starting as tiny raised bumps, they become patches of hard swollen skin of colors ranging from yellow to brown or red. The patch is usually painful and itchy. Make sure you consult a dermatologist in such an event.

5. Red Or Skin-Colored Raised Bumps

This skin condition is found, although rarely, in diabetic patients. They had the granuloma annulare and the bumps appeared and disappeared repeatedly. Studies suggest that this condition should be taken seriously and tested for diabetes.

6. Open Sores And Wounds

Presence of excessive level of blood sugar leads to a lack of circulation and nerve damage. This may lead to decelerated curing of wounds. These wounds are called diabetic ulcers for which you can consult an experienced doctor at Umkal Hospital which is among the top Diabetes Treatment Hospitals in Gurgaon.

7. Shin Spots

In this condition, you find spots of depression that are hard to notice on the skin. It is a common symptom among diabetic people. People may mistake them for age spots but they are a sign of diabetes and needs to be reported to your doctor.

 8. The Outbreak Of Small, Reddish-Yellow Bumps

Such bumps appear like pimples and develop a yellowish shade. They usually appear over crooks of the elbows, thighs, buttocks, or backs of the knees. This condition means that you need to control your diabetes better

9. Skin Infections

Skin infections are found in diabetic persons. This might be found in the hot swollen form. People may develop small blisters and itchy rashes along with it or produce a white discharge that resembles cottage cheese. Immediate treatment is recommended in such cases.

10. Extremely, Dry Itchy Skin

In case you are a diabetic person, it is very likely that you have dry skin. This is caused by high blood sugar. In case the person also suffers from poor circulation or skin infection, it could contribute to dry and itchy skin.