10 Indispensable Things about Loft Conversion


There is no doubt that sometimes we feel that our home is small as compared to our needs but we do not want to shift to another house due to several reasons. It needs a lot of investment to buy a new house whereas it is also not easy to leave home where you have spent about twenty to thirty years as everybody possesses individual association and love with the house where he has spent his childhood. Although, all these things matter, however, what should one do if he needs an extra room? Well, building an additional place isn’t that difficult, and it is possible in your own home. You’ll have an attic in the house but do you need it? You’ll probably say a No because there is nothing just a mess and clutter of useless things. Well, why don’t you think about loft conversion? Yes, it is a great idea to convert the attic into a beautiful room, and you will not even have to arrange a significant investment. Instead, a saving of few months can prove enough for attic conversion. Here are some facts that should consider while making a decision.

 Conversion Provides a Balance to the House

A perfectly balanced house is indeed possible through conversion as adding something in a house that you are lacking can give a right proportion to the house. If you are requiring a room or want to add a home cinema or office, it is undoubtedly possible, and the whole house will seem perfect for a comfortable living. More on, you can convert the attic into a library as well. So when you add a room that you lacked in the house, it will automatically balance out.

Every Attic is Suitable for Conversion

If you think that only some specific types of attics can be converted into a room, then you need to correct yourself here because all lofts can be converted except those who have a head height of less than 2.3m and this is a standard height. Almost every attic in a house is designed with a minimum height of 2.3m, so it is undoubtedly possible to convert it. More on, if you still have a loft with a height of less than 2.3m then there is no need to get disappointed as it can even be converted if you remove some sections of the roof. The loft conversion in Leeds does not prove very costly unless you choose some specific type of it.

A Good ROI on Mater Bedroom

If you need an extra bedroom, then the attic conversion will prove more efficient because there is an excellent return on investment for this idea because whenever you have to sell it, the performance will be double on it. There is only an expense of approximately £1,150 per square meter if you prefer a necessary roof light conversion whereas the recovery will be quite significant. More on, this master bedroom can be rent out to any reliable tenant, and this will also prove useful for constant cash flows as tenants too love to get such rooms on rent.

The Right Design is Important

If you have decided to convert the attic then make sure to finalise the design by a professional architect as otherwise, you may not get your dream room. As you know that the shape of loft varies from other places, so it is vital to give some attention to the designing ideas. It is good to decide that whether you need an en-suite with the bedroom or not because in that case, you’ll be able to manage the place accordingly. More on, the location of stairs should also be considered as it is essential to find out all the possible options to maximise the space before starting the project because the right design is possible only if you pay attention to the space maximisation ideas.

Make sure to meet the Building Regulations

Now, come to building requirements as you may not be aware of rules and regulations however the professional architects know how to produce drawings as per law. Further, you need to choose a builder who can construct the room precisely according to the picture, and it is possible only when you rely on an experienced builder. There is another option also through which you can choose a company of contractors and can make an agreement to provide you with all services including architect, builders, and structural engineers.

Carefully Consider the Exterior View

The external view of any house matters so it is crucial to consider the factors through which you can make the exterior more exciting. The loft conversion should be done in a way that you can add value to the exterior view by enlightening it more incredible. The loft conversion can contrast with the actual designing, or you can do it in a way to complement the existing one. The matching brickwork can give a contemporary finish whereas minimalist-style windows can add more elegant touch. However, if you need more than two rooms in the same house then loft conversion will not prove useful, and you’ll have to choose the option of home extension in Leeds because in that case, another portion can be built and you can add kitchen, TV lounge, and bathrooms as well.