10 Best Brands To Go For Without Giving A Second Thought While Buying Men Sports Shoes


Men have always been obsessed with shoes for some unknown reason. No matter how many pairs they have, they still can’t stop themselves from buying a new pair. They are an important part of life, so it’s justified if they spend a little too much on them. Men are more concerned about the design and brand of the shoe than to worry about its price. So, here is a list of top 10 sports shoe brands you should go with next time when you go for shoe shopping. We have made this list based on the popularity of these brands in the country.

  1. Nike

One of the most popular shoe brands, which is known for its expensive price and fine design is Nike. You will get a wide variety to choose from. They sell original designs so chances are pretty rare that you bump on a person wearing the same shoe as you. They are known for their quality and hold a strong goodwill in the market. Everyone from Kobe Bryant to MJ wore them. They can be considered as the best sports shoe brand. They also have a clothing line, which is equally popular. Nike is the ‘it’ brand for most fitness enthusiasts. However, it can be a little expensive as most of their sports shoes are expensive then 4000 INR.

  1. Adidas

This is another sports shoe brand that dominates the sports industry. Everyone from Stephen Curry to Neymar has been a part of their advertising company. You can see them sponsoring almost every other sports game. They offer comfortable design, which matches your personality. Chances are you can find a decent pair of Adidas shoes which will come with a promise of durability. Like Nike, Adidas also has an apparel line, which can be seen on the fields every now and then.

  1. Reebok

They are voted as the best running shoes in the market, which are stylishly designed to fit your feet comfortably. They are amongst the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear. It is made from high quality, which doesn’t add much weight to its overall body. However, it is much expensive than the above two brands. It has tied almost every sports biggie from NFL superstars to Football Champions at some point in their career.

  1. Puma

It is a comfortable brand, which I believe manufactures the sleekest designs for gym workouts. They also come with a longer life. They are also priced at nominal rate, which makes them a most preferred brand choice by common man. Puma is known for designing all kinds of shoes; however their sport collection has the highest sale ratio.

  1. Fila

Fila is an Italian shoe brand which was founded in 1911. It is amongst the largest sports shoe manufacturer in the world. They also have an apparel range, which is as popular as their shoes. They are known for their high quality designs and nominal price which makes them the first choice ofmillions of people around the world, who cannot afford the price of Nike, Reebok or Adidas.

  1. Tavera Shoes

Tavera Shoes Price usually starts at a nominal price range, which comprises of the best shoe quality. They are amongst the low cost shoe brand in India. It is an Indian company, which was founded only a few years back and has established its name in the country. They produce everything from sports to formal shoes. They offer designs similar to brands like Nike and Adidas, at a more reasonable price range, which is a major reason for their popularity in India.

  1. UnderArmour

Under Armour is a popular American sport accessories and clothing brand. The company was established in 2006 and since has spread its market across the world. They are known for making high weight, uniquely designed sports shoes. Currently they are trying to dominate the apparel industry with their sportswear.

  1. K- Swiss

K-Swiss is an American sports shoe brand, which was founded around 1966 by two Swiss brothers. It was first established in California and still has its base there. They are also known for introducing leather tennis shoes to the world. They are popular for their rough design, which fits comfortably on your feet. They have sponsored several college level football teams.

  1. Asics

Asics is a popular Japanese sportswear Brand, which translates into English as “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”. They can be identified from afar, because of their neon colors and bright designs. They design for pretty much all type of sports. They have specialization in creating shock resistant shoes.

  1. Bata

It is amongst the oldest shoe manufacturer in India, which was established in 1931. They were the first brand to offer shoes of all variety for every age group and gender. They are also ISO:9001 certified, which makes them one of the most reliable shoe brand in the country. Their innovative designs and low price makes them one of the most renowned brands in India.


So next time you go shoe shopping, ensure to check out the latest collection of these top 10 brands mentioned above. You can also make the brand preference according to your pocket by either selecting Indian brands like Bata, or you can go straight to Nike or Puma, if you can afford their expensive price.