Step By Step Guide to HR screening process


Human resource screening process starts right after a position became vacant in an organization. Ranging from Job posting to final recruitment and from pre-employment background checks to informal screening processes all the mechanism is set up and executed by the human resource department. This puts a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of the departmental heads and its team members as if any case, a wrong verdict has been made about a prospective employee, a company can face a lawsuit.

Following steps will reveal the complete human resource screening process that is carried out to make an informed decision about a job applicant and basically avoid negligent hiring what is a background check?.

  1. Posting Requirements – Once the position requirements have been set by the management, the HR starts posting the position requirement within and outside the organization. If the position can be filled within the organization like from the referrals of the current employees then no further postings is required otherwise the postings continue.
  1. Applicant Eligibility – Though the desired applicant’s eligibility is defined by the management itself yet it’s the responsibility of the HR to properly investigate the resumes and applications to measure if they stand by the eligibility requirements or not.
  1. Applications for employment – All received applications either internal or external must be evaluated properly before sending them to the recruiting experts. The applications must pass an initial screening and must be assessed by the HR executives.
  1. Interview Process – Interview sessions must be arranged when a list of final applicants is ready who are considered as the best as compared to the other applicants. Interview sessions are a best source of gathering added information about the candidate’s expertise, skills, knowledge and experience etc. Multiple interview sessions must be conducted before offering a final job offer.
  1. Employee Background Screening – The candidates who pass the interview sessions must be informed via written or email notification that they will have to undergo certain background screening tests. These tests will ensure the employer that the applicant doesn’t have any negative past records and he has a clean history. HR department conducts an appropriate background screening process in compliance with the federal and state laws.

Job Offer – A final job offer will be made to the applicant who will pass in the screening tests. A written job offer letter along with an email notification will be sent to the selected candidate.