Starwise Group CEO Alabi Samson Ayobami Is Helping Nigerian Students


Today we are going to talk about a young entrepreneur who is helping the Nigerian students to easily take admission in china’s universities and study there with no problem. Today we are talking about the young entrepreneur from Nigeria the Founder and CEO of Starwise Group Alabi Samson Ayobani. He is the person who is helping the Nigerian students. Alabi Samson is born in Nigeria and had done his schooling from Nigeria. Alabi Samson understand the value of education in life he knows why education is too much necessary for all the people as education is a major factor for his successful life that is the reason he is helping the Nigerian students to study in Chinese universities easily without any problem. His Company Starwise is divided into six parts which are Starwise Entertainment, Starwise Charity, and Starwise Study in China, Starwise International Trade, Starwise Investment and Starwise Agriculture.

Alabi Samson is an education expert and has an experience of many years in jobs, expertise in education as well as an entrepreneur. His Company Starwise Education helps the students to do admissions in universities and fulfill their needs like accommodation of students.

According to Alabi Samson Ayobani-“We are an educational consultancy agency based in China and authorized by 40 Chinese universities to serve as agents offering intermediate services on their behalf”. The Starwise Group help Nigerian people who want to pursue higher education and do their admissions easily in the universities of china.

Their Company provide best and high quality education institutes services and courses for the students for absolutely free of cost. The students get amazing as well as good education. The CEO of the Starwise group has already mentioned that they are going to help the students of different backgrounds to get best universities and then the best degree programs and this will definitely help the student to study efficiently.

The Starwise Group has 83 % successful selection rate for getting the students to get the admissions in the universities and Alabi is highlighting the need of young and interested students from Nigeria to get an amazing opportunity to study in china for free of cost. And no doubt this is an amazing opportunity for the Nigerian students to study in china for free of cost.

Through his company Starwise Group he is doing a wonderful work by helping the Nigerian students to easily get admission in universities of china. The students who are going from Nigeria to china for studying purposes they will learn a lot of knowledge in china.

Alabi Samson is doing a wonderful job by providing free education to Nigerian students. He knows what he is doing and is sharing his responsibility and as well he is running a business and also doing this work side by side. We should see Alabi as our role model and learn from him. He is doing such great work by giving education opportunities to the Nigerian students.