Insight on Travel Insurance and its benefits in the UK region!


Like any other insurance, you can also get your travel insured. As the name suggests, it simply means that you can get an insurance policy for protecting you from expenses that follow major mishaps while you are travelling abroad. Travel insurance is quite important because travelling without cover is very risky and could leave your massively out of pocket if any mishap takes place.

Certainly, you need to know about the basics that are involved in travel insurance apart from knowing what all it can cover up.

First comes first: There are different types of cover that are available and they basically depend on three things such as:

  • Number of trips you make within the next 12 months: It is basically to assess amount you need to pay for the coverage depending upon how often do your travel i.e. whether annual trip and single-trip cover. The annual cover is more often the most economical option if you make more than two trips in the next 12 months. Whereas, the single trip cover can be more cost effective if you take one or two holidays.
  • The place you are going: This also offers two options as in the European cover or the worldwide cover. There is a significant distinction between European and worldwide cover but it may vary in different insurers.
  • Who will be travelling with you: This section can vary depending upon whether or not you are travelling individually, couple or with family. In case you travel with your partner or your family, then probably you can cover everyone under the same policy. It may be a cost effective option for you. But, if you require cover depending upon the factors such as age of an individual or the medical health condition, then probably it will cost you more. Some insurers also let you travel independently on a group policy but to be sure if it the case, you should prior check with your insurer.

Secondly, the important things are the benefits of travel insurance. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can get medical cover in situation of emergency
  • You may receive the expenses that you lose in several thing such as cancellation, in curtailment and in missed departure
  • You may even get equivalent costs of your personal belongings and money
  • You can also avail personal liability cover as well

After learning about the basics and major benefits of travel insurance, there is much more that needs to be known. More often travel insurance products include personal accident cover, legal expenses insurance, sports equipment insurance and cover for disasters or unexpected events.

Above all, the point to keep in mind is to always speak to your policy lender beforehand so that its terms and conditions are very much clear to you. After knowing so much, if you also plan to get the travel insurance, then you can give a call at Direct Line contact number as they are one of the most trust-worthy insurance policy lenders in the UK. Just give a call and get all your issues resolved.