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Dial91 offers some of the very best telecommunication services in India today! We provide reliable, premium, and low-cost India calling card and PIN services for Indian business travelers and non-resident-citizens. Call friends, family, and business partners in India for a mere pocket change compared to other competitors. We offer some of the best service and lowest prices in India calling card market today!

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Dial91 is full of features designed to make communication with friends and family as easy as possible! With as many features it has, Dial91 is a deal that is hard to beat! With Magic Jack Pin Free Dialing, speed dialing, low-cost VOIP services, and more, Dial91 is committed to your satisfaction! Our services utilize advanced switching technology along with high redundancy, including call processing systems, multiple calling routes, and thousands of local access numbers. We at Dial91 are hard at work coming up with new ways to save you money every day, like the new feature of “Skype Access to Dial91”! Here at Dial91, your convenience is extremely important to us and we pride ourselves on our services.

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We know that contacting family and even business partners is an extremely important part of your life, and we strive to make our services affordable to everyone. For only two dollars, you can get up to 182 landline and mobile minutes. You can also purchase up to 2727 minutes for only thirty dollars as well, making Dial 91 a very good and economical choice for convenience.

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Customer satisfaction is the most important part of our job, and we have a 24-hour support team waiting to help you should you need assistance. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, our support team will always have your back when you need them the most! Try Dial91 today!