All you need to know about Golf


Golf is the game that gets associated with the elite and aristocrat people, but today it has broken all the myths associated with it and people across the world has shown their love and passion for Golf.

Today, to ensure, you know all about the game, we are sharing the essentials of many fun games from its origin to the rules. Discover more about the game at TheBingoOnline.

It’s Beginning

Well, Golf is that game that has been played for many years and the love of the game has increased throughout these years. It has its root in ancient times and has historians said that Julius Caesar spent his time playing the game similar to the Golf.

It has also been traced that Golf has its relation with Song Dynasty that prevailed in the land of China throughout 960 to 1297. But, it can be said that it was precisely the Golf and was similar to it. The game has its origin to Scotland with the year 1457.

The game was later banned by the King James II as the military of the country was getting distracted.

Spreading of the game

Golf turned into the sport that was played in Great Britain for pastime in the 17th century and it was later got spread in rest of the world. In the year 1860, the principal British Open began, and the competition still is played.

The main perpetual Golf Club was established in the Montreal, Canada in the year 1873 and given the name “Canada’s Royal Montreal Club.” After this, the furor of the diversion always raised and the US mull over this.

The initial 18-hole course in the US was built up in Wheaton, Illinois at the Chicago Golf Club, in the year 1893.After this, the game never saw back and many championships were started as well to boost the players like “The Accenture Match Play Championship” and “The Arnold Palmer Invitational.”

Golf Courses

Like every other game, to play golf, the player needs the course and the area of the course is called as Fairway. It consists of 18 holes. At every hole, a flagstick is located. The players start playing from the teeing hole.

Different golf courses use different lengths of grass to make the game difficult. The golf course can also have the man-made hazards like the lakes or sand dunes. In every way, the golfer has to hit the ball to the hole to stay in the game.

General Rules

Well, everyone knows that to play the game, the player has to hit the ball in the holes. The player, to play the game, needs a set of clubs, somewhere 14 of them, of different sizes and length, a set of golf balls, and a golf bag.

There can be two people in the team and a same number of players in the against team. To win, the team has to score more than the competitor team and scoring is called “par.” It is pretty easy to play and understand the game rules.