Why you should go for a Manual Ceramic Cutter?

Why you should go for a Manual Ceramic Cutter?

A manual ceramic cutter is a very useful tool if you need to do works, renovations or small tasks of DIY with tiles. Its characteristics with respect to the electric make it ideal (and preferable to its counterpart) for many aspects. We will explain them one by one in this article.

What is a Manual Ceramic Cutter?

This instrument uses a guide, through which the cutting element that divides the tile slides, allowing its handling in smaller parts. The rode in charge of splitting the tile is driven with a handle that, applied with human force (if it is manual), helps the piece finally ends up cut.

Type of Cutters

Depending on some of its characteristics, we can distinguish between these types of manual cutters:

-Double guide or Mongolia based on the system that incorporates for scratching.

-Multipunto or single point according to the type of separator you have.

-Giratory or fixed square depending on its accessories.

-Professional or standard based on the intensity of the task to be carried out.

Advantages of the Manual Ceramic Cutter

Below are some Advantages of the manual ceramic cutter which you must know before the cutters online purchase.

  • Transportation: They are usually very easy tools to move from one place to another, and this makes them perfect for works or professionals.
  • Speed: These tools are perfect for fast and repetitive cuts.
  • Dimensions: Being smaller than electric, they can be stored anywhere.
  • Utility: By not requiring an electrical outlet, they are perfect to use at any time and place.
  • Cleaning: Hygiene and maintenance of these tools is very simple and require little effort.
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How to choose the Manual Ceramic Cutter that I Need?

Now that you know its advantages, we will explain to you the features where you should pay attention to when acquiring one of these cutters so that it adapts to your needs.

  • The thickness of the tile: The cutter must allow the incorporation of the tiles that you are going to use, so it is important that you look at the maximum thickness with which it works.
  • The power of the separator: Depending on the hardness of the material with which you are going to work, you must make sure that the power of the tool is correct to divide it.
  • Number of cords: As in the previous case, everything depends on the type of material with which you are going to work. If it is very thick and hard, better two cords than one.
  • Maximum cutting length: When working with pieces of a certain size, it is very important to look at this aspect, because we want the tile finally to be in the cutter.

We hope that after these tips you can choose the perfect manual ceramic cutter for you and can buy cutters online India. Do you want to know more tips and tricks on DIY tools and construction? Then Search the Google and know more about the cutters.


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