What is the Purpose behind Fantasy Cricket: A Look at Fantasy Cricket


An evolved and socially acceptable form of betting, fantasy cricket is here to stay. In recent times, there has been a consistent upsurge in the sheer number of fantasy league websites, each providing or at least claiming to provide safe, legal and rewarding playing opportunities to fantasy leaguers. The fantasy cricket online industry has seen a recent boom– with revenues touching the Dollar One Billion mark – and the trend continues to hold strong. Multiple reasons shape the trend and all have much to do with the very objective behind fantasy cricket. Join us, as we uncover the purpose of this virtual sport and its manifestations.

Provides entertainment:

In contemporary times, there is no dearth of entertainment avenues – you name it, they have it. However, no entertainment is as worthy as the one involving skills of the participants and the creators of fantasy cricket seem to be aware of this fact. So, they created a unique format where your ingenuity is tested to the hilt and entertainment is maximised. Here, you don the hat of a selector, which is an experience in itself, create a virtual team and pit it against the teams of your fellow fantasy leaguers. The anticipation of wins takes entertainment to yet another level.

Coin money:

Entertainment and money is a riveting combination, and the fantasy cricket creators merged them to perfection. Simply put, when you play fantasy cricket, you are indulging in a well thought out activity that yields decent money. The websites typically announce the prize money up front and pay it to leaguers with the maximum points once the real contest is over. All you have to do is to pick the right players and expect them to do well and if everything goes as per plan, you end up on the top of the ranking table realizing your dream of a big payday.

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Taking close to Cricket:

You are a cricket buff immersed entirely into the game. However, if you think going any closer to the game is not a possibility, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Just play fantasy cricket and see yourself transforming into a pro that follows the game way more keenly than your former self. The transformation is guided by the need to stay updated for educated team selections. One of the prime motives for the inception of the format might be to create this transition.

Legal Compliance:

Sports betting and many other forms of gambling are illegal in India, attracting penalties in money and prison terms. The popular motive for the inception of fantasy cricket was to provide pure entertainment without infringing the existing laws, which speaks for an exclusive format that is more about ingenuity and less about chance. In fact, fantasy cricket is classified in the “Games of Skill” category, enjoying a legal status in virtually every country in the world.

Low Investment:

The inventors must have been aware that not everyone has a big bankroll. They come up with a virtual sport where low investment can deliver high-intensity entertainment and earnings. Thanks to the Free Play option, playing with zero investment is also a possibility.


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