What Are the Fundamental Attributes of the Long Rod Insulators


Do you need equipment, which will actually work the best both on high as well as medium voltage? Then you should give a try to rod insulators in the form of long rods. It surely stands out compared to other insulators, as it is free of puncture. In addition to that, does not entertain any pollution as well.

Let us see what their characteristics are, which somewhere makes it more favorable electrical product among the users.

A glimpse through its features:

  • Free of leak or puncture: The first feature, which predominantly strikes the buyer’s eye, is that it is made of sturdy porcelain, which makes it leakage proof. In addition to that, it can tolerate great arc as well.
  • Super anti-contaminant: You should know that it could be used immensely in arid or desert regions. This is because its aerodynamic shape does not allow any contamination.
  • Diverse usage: You should note that this is highly used in both tension as well as suspension places. In addition to this, you can use this as multiple or single strings as the process demands.
  • Free of cement growth: In addition to this, the insulator gives a strong mechanical performance until 800kN. As a result of which it does not permit the development of cement inside the rod.

Long Road insulator

  • Great strength: It is again considered one of the best ones in terms of the tension and compression strength.
  • Self-cleaner: The insulator acts as a self-cleaner, which actually helps to provide a great gap in terms of leakage.
  • Lighter: In comparison to other types of insulation of same voltage category, this one is quite lighter. In addition, it does not cause any type of pollution as well.
  • Variety of designs: You can get this type of insulator in any designs ranging from the normal ones to any other types of the shed. Even you can obtain the shed designed in aerodynamic form. But all these are produced as per the requirement of the client.
  • Economic: This type of insulator is the chosen one, which is used in the overhead wires for its economical design.
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Areas to apply

  • The long rod insulators are used as a suspension or compression connecting the transmission lines from the source of the conductor to the tower heads.
  • This is can be used to withstand both high as well as medium voltage currents that are most required in electrical distribution plants.

Advantages of using this insulator:

  • The long rod insulators can be used to transport high level of energy.
  • It can supply great level of power for huge distances.
  • This is mainly used to serve high voltage areas.
  • The insulators share their commanding performance in the electricity boards of the railways as well.
  • You should note that it works to produce superb tensile performance up until 400 kN.
  • It is also coated with silicon so that the external layer can withstand high-end voltages.

Thus, you should use this type of insulator for advanced purposes where you need to meet the requirements like high voltage.


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