Usage and cultivation of Stevia in India


Stevia is one of the chiefly used sugar supplements right now with ample amount of medicinal usage. Chemical components in the leaves and antioxidants present here offer a great deal of help to body cells and also keep the necessary components of the body normal. Working against diseases that have taken a toll on mankind makes this plant one of the best natural ingredients in the world to be used while cooking food. Intake of the extracts put forward by various companies needs to be made popular among the people.

Cultivation of Stevia

The cultivation of Stevia plants is being done in India, taking enough measures. They work best in loamy soil and frequent watering on a light concentration is required. Excessive water must be prevented to keep the roots safe. Using of natural manure is best for cultivation.

The harvesting of leaves needs to be done during the time of autumn. Winter adversity affects the sweetness of leaves, and therefore, autumn is the best time for it. Then drying of the collected leaves is done by excessive heat and circulating air. After the process is completed, the extraction process is initiated.

India is one of the big producers of this plant and extracts in the international market. The process of stevia export from India is very common making India get a leading position in the global market when it comes to Stevia products.

Usage of Stevia while preparing food

Lower calorific value of Stevia supplements is one of the major reasons for which they are used in different food preparations. These supplements are best because Stevia does not have the problem of fermentation, and the sugar content in the food is not absorbed into the bloodstream.

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There are various dishes prepared using these supplements and the national standards around the world. There are places of cultivation in India and production houses for preparation of supplements in India. The naturally occurring sweeteners need very less usage and work perfectly with various foods and beverages.

  1. Preparation of ice cream, yogurt, desserts, chewing gum, and candy are some of the sweet dishes where sweetener is used.
  2. Seafood, pickled foods and sauces work well with the Stevia supplements. The naturally occurring sweetener gives a blend of taste and food stays viable for a longer time.

These dishes are common all around the world and can be prepared with the use of health-oriented materials.

As a naturally occurring sweetener, Stevia leaves have become very popular. The other artificial sweeteners are getting outgrown as the diabetic patients and weight conscious people are more oriented to Stevia. Sometime Stevia leaves are directly used in food to bring out the best natural flavor in them. Usage of the plant in India is increasing day by day as the people are getting to know about the plant and its usage. Therefore, cultivation of it in India has increased exponentially, and due to heavy demand of it everywhere, the plant and supplements produced in India are being sold in the international market.