Things to Remember When Buying a Used Car


Cars make your daily commute easy and hassle-free. But buying a new model could break the bank. The best way to take care of both is to go for used cars. In the US, you will see many pre-owned car dealership stores offering interesting varieties under attractive price range. From Hyundai, Ford to Volkswagen and Nissan, you can explore their variations for as low as 10,000$. That means you can sort out your travel issues and save your hard-earned money by taking this path. So here are some tips that might come in handy when you go shopping for the used vehicles.

Decide your budget first

This first step is the most difficult yet very useful also. You have to calculate how much you are ready to dish out for the used car. Take into account the overall expense of the vehicle, right from insurance to repair cost, everything. The old cars can be available at a considerably moderate price, but they may need expensive repairs. To prepare yourself for this, you can check online portals where the aging car’s repairing costs, performance, and issues are given. Also, check reviews.

Look for certified pre-owned old cars

If you could get a car that has the manufacturer’s certificate will be great. A licensed vehicle means that it was driven less than 12,000 miles a year and has been serviced from time-to-time.

Explore your financing options

If you have the ready cash in your hand, there is nothing to worry. But otherwise, you will need a loan. Getting used car loan is little different from applying for a new car financing. Usually, lenders show hesitancy in financing an old car because of the fear that it may incur higher repairing costs. Also, the resale value of the vehicle is difficult to anticipate.

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To make sure you get the right deal, approach private parties. Visit national banks, community banks, credit unions, and others. But before that take care of your credit card score and credit report. It will help you to convince them. That said, consider opting for short-term loans as these have comparatively lower interest rates.

Examine history report of the vehicle

Before you finalize your choice, do study the vehicle history report. The report generally indicates whether the car has suffered any major accident. It is made based on the data received from insurance companies, and the police along with other sources. Besides, you will also learn about the structural damage the car had faced at the time of the accident. Don’t strike out your option just because the car had an accident. Instead, get it checked thoroughly and negotiate the price in your favor.

Finish the paper-work

It is perhaps the last step. Before you sign the document, read it thoroughly. If you convinced the dealer to offer some repair work, make sure it is categorically mentioned in the paper.

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