The Irish Harp, A Symbol Of Ireland – History and Kinds of Harps


The harp is one of the most popular and melodious musical instrument consists of the number of individual strings. The melodious sound is produced when its strings are twitched or plucked with fingers. Normally harps are available in different varieties such as different in sizes or shapes, even a plenty of harps can be played on laps but the harps larger in size are mostly heavy and can only play by rest on the floor or the music stands. The material of strings is assembling by metal, nylon or some other combinations. Harp is consisting of a neck, resonator, strings, and pillars. Normally pillars are used to support the strings and normally used in the frame harps. The other kinds of open harps such as arch harps and bow harps don’t use any pillars. In this era of modern technology, the modern harps are constructing by a variety of techniques that are used to extend the assortment of strings such as manage the performance of strings by using different techniques which modifies the pitch.

Popularity Of Harp

The popularity of harp instrument is starting in the 35000 BCE when it’s known as the antique in some countries such as Asia, Europe, and Africa. During the middle ages after implementing a plenty of new technologies, the instrument had gain amazing popularity in Latin, America, and Europe. However, Near East and South Asia some of the ancient members of the harp family died out but the decedents of the harp are still played in some areas of Africa and other countries such as Asia and Europe’s have been deploying modern area musicians.

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A Symbol Of Ireland

The Irish harp is the national symbol of Ireland. From the early times, Ireland is the unique country to have such a musical instrument as its symbol. Ireland old harp tradition is almost two hundred years old. The history of the instrument is extremely intensive as well as motivated research and innovative for the harpers and the harp aficionado.

The instrument history tells much more about the history of Ireland. In this modern era, the symbol of the traditional harp is found on many official documents, passports, the flag of Leinster, Irish euro coins, seal of presidential. This harp is also used to represent the logo for a number of good states that supported any organization. The logo of the national university of Ireland is also a harp.  History Of Harps

History Of Harps

The harp is one of the popular and historical musical instruments in the music world. In the early 3000 B.C, the wall paintings of Egyptian tombs dating shows that the oldest harps were constructed from the hunting bow. These oldest paintings show that the earliest harps are without pillars, pillars are mostly used in the modern harps.

Harp is not restricted to the Celtic countries. In 2000BC various forms had Syria and Palestine where they used in Hebrew temple orchestras.  The earlier Greece harp was played by males and females.  Normally in ceremonies finger plucked is used and plectrum plucked id used for dancing. Harps are still used in music in most countries such as in Central Africa, Afghanistan and also in Burma. The harps were considered the social center of Ireland in the earliest nineteenth century. And the harpist gains more popularity as well as good status among all other musicians in the least seventeenth century.

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In this modern era the average peoples never seen original harps even most of the peoples never heard about an Irish harp, they just considered it just like a mystery. Because in the 20th century due to the more and continues popularity of harp, many other harp developers are arrived and construct a harp with their new changes, improvements, and inventions. Even they are not considered and maintain the standard rules of the modern society.

Now the 21st decided and committed for the continued popularity of the harps. And the harp is the instrument immerse in the traditions from either it’s from medieval to modern, classical to jazz or acoustic to electric.

Kinds Of Harps

Harp can be classified in different kinds in the base of their size, shapes, different uses and the historical factors. The following kinds of harps are organized by on their different models, construction and different uses.  In the below there described the different kinds of harps.

Pedal Harp – pedal harp is often used pedals to enable the different sharps and flats of harps.

Wire Harp – The melodious sound created by this harp is different from pedal and folk harp. Depending on its size, style, and construction it can be lap or floor.

Cross Stung Harp – This harp allows its players to play without levers or pedals. As its name also shows the cross stung, the strings cross over but never touch each other

Lever Harps – this harp is smaller in its size and more popular than the pedal harp. It also comes in different ranges, shapes, and sizes. Due to its portability lever harp is available from lap to the floor model. However, it’s available in different models as well as shapes.

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