Python is on an Incredible Rise


No other programming language seems to have secured more attention than Python. It was discussed, pondered over and scrutinized quite heavily and regularly; the clutter of web articles and Quora reviews may stand witness to this.

What matters the most though that in the 2018 list of most wanted languages by Stack Overflow, Python has secured the top position closely followed by JavaScript. It was at the fourth place last year. One may understand without any efforts that the current year is going to be of utmost importance for Python’s growth and sustainability. There are a number of reasons that should convince anyone that the rise of Python is going to maintain its skyward trajectory.

Machine Learning

This pair of words has got more coinage in the last couple of years than most other technological buzz-words. There is good reason behind that too. The computational capacity and the influx of data has reached a point which has made the practical implementation of machine learning possible on a large scale. Python is arguably the best language to write machine learning programs.

This is one very important reason why we can expect the rise of Python to sustain for a fairly long period of time from now. Well, then again, you can never predict the future too surely when it comes to technological developments. You never know when a college dropout in an unimportant corner of the world comes out with something groundbreaking. As far as the Indian scenario is concerned, if you are at all interested, this might be a great time to get your Python training in Delhi.

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Great for beginners, works brilliantly for the advanced.

This is one great quality that makes Python unique. First of all Python is a general purpose language. It is the most popular introductory language in the top universities of USA. The library called Django is a coder’s delight. It has all you need to get a website going. It is easy to learn in comparison with other popular languages. The syntax is simple and easily understandable. It takes roughly 6 months to get going with Python. This is the reason so many of today’s programmers have embraced Python.

The ones who are just beginning are also being encouraged to start with Python. It is even heard that if someone is having a hard time with codes then he is suggested Python. So, the popularity has sprung from different ways and for a myriad of reasons.

It is cost effective, open source, regularly developed: Favorite among Startups.

If you are looking for a job in India, in 2018, you cannot help but take the startups and the startup-trends seriously. Python fits in perfectly in a startup environment, where the initial flow of cash is often paltry. People with Python skills come very handy for these companies because they often depend on this language. But, then again, you have the likes of Google, YouTube and Facebook who are using Python.

The community of Python developers is a very strong and capable one. It is regularly updated and developed with real passion. Most people who have undergone a complete Python training in Delhi, Bangalore or any other Indian city, and are currently working with it say that Python is simply more fun than most other languages. That is one good reason to learn Python is not it?