Post Education Requisites Before Starting a Job Hunt


Getting a job is the most important thing which students want to achieve after completing their education. Most of the students literally start their job hunting efforts during their final years. It’s nice if you are also doing same however before starting your job hunting campaigns there are few requisites which you may want to achieve before first applying for a job. Doing so can make your job searching struggle easy and can help you a lot to land a good job easily. So here we go


Nowadays internship has become a necessary part of education. The internship is actually a short-term job which students do for the sake of experience and learning purpose. When a student completes his internship, he is awarded an experience letter which he presents to his university in order to meet his degree requirement. Doing internship before applying for a real job is highly recommended as it can increase your chances to get a good job easily.

Research Work and Publications

Now a day when competition is too high, recruiters always want to see something different in a job candidate. Having a good profile of research work and publications can help you to stand apart in recruiter’s eye. During your education, if you have done a lot of research work or published any journal then it can add a plus point to your job application.


If you have just completed your graduation and you are not specialized in any specific field then it can make job hunting difficult for you. Employers of different companies always try to look for specialized people rather than the candidate with general degrees. So investing few months or a year to acquire any specialization diploma in your field can help you a lot while job hunting.

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Recommendation Letters

Sometimes recruiters ask job candidates to present their recommendation letters from their educational institutes at the time of interview. These recommendation letters help them to know about the opinions of your teachers and coaches about your specialties and skills. So having few copies of recommendation letters from your teachers can enhance your chances to get a good join.

These are few prerequisites which are highly recommended to achieve first before applying for a job. Although these documents are not mandatory however they can help you a lot to secure your first job after completing your degree.


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