Know All the Things about Sporting Trophies


A sports trophy is a tangible and a durable reminder of a specific achievement of a particular event, which serves the purpose of recognition or the proof of the merit. These trophies are awarded to the outstanding performer or performers or the winning team as a whole for the sporting events. The trophies are made up of various materials and from all of them, the glass trophies look the most elegant. Although, the purpose served does not depend upon the material of which the trophy is made up. The trophy is everything that matters all and definitely not the inner components of which it is made up.

Types of Trophies

Some of the contemporary trophies most often depict the game or the sport for which it is awarded. For example, in Cricket Tournaments, the trophy is of the form of a bat, ball, wicket, or some cricketer in some of the cases. In general, the trophies come as two handles attached to a cup, bowl, or mug, which sometimes come with statues of people, animals, or some architecture along with displaying some words, numbers, or images.


Sometimes, the statues are crafted over glass trophies to give it an awesome look. These statues are used for retaining the weight, which is associated traditionally with the quality award and this makes them very much affordable for using them as recognition items. The trophies have generally used resin depictions. For example, the Oscar award is a trophy with a conventional human, the award is spaceship for science fiction and for Wimbledon, the awards for men’s singles is a large cup and for women’s singles is a large plate made of silver. Some other types of trophies are as mentioned below.

  • Trophies for Hunting – These are the reminders of successes in hunting. For example, the head of an animal hung on the wall serves as a reminder of success in hunting.
  • Resin Trophies – They come for a variety of sporting events or other common forms. These awards are a symbol of participation that is customized with the logo of the particular event.
  • Perpetual Trophies – The winners keep these trophies until the next season of that particular event.
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Materials Used for Making the Trophies

Several materials are used for the construction of the trophies. The different types of materials used are as follows.

  • Wooden Trophies
  • Plastic Trophies
  • Glass trophies
  • Metal Trophies

Most of the trophies are made of a combination of plastic and metal components. The trophies that are less expensive are made of cast resin components and some pressed components that are made of wood. In some of the cases, the cast resin pieces are plated with the desired metal to make it look like a metal trophy. The trophies which are of average price use real wood and cast metals like zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium and alloys of a combination of several metals.

In addition, the metal components can be either painted or plated and the wooden components are stained. Some of the high-quality glass trophies are made of crystal, sterling silver, and gold in some cases. These trophies are usually more expensive than the trophies made of other materials. The most expensive trophies are gold plated like the gold medal in Olympics and the FIFA Football World Cup Trophy.

Thus, the trophies carry immense value to the holder of the trophy since it is the award for the winner of an event irrespective of the materials used for its manufacturing be it wooden trophies, glass trophies or any carry the same value for the winner.


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