Injury-hit England eye series triumph against India


LONDON: The England head suffered many strange questions against the rebels once again in southern Sutminton in the fourth test on Thursday.

Whether Jonny Bairstow is perfectly fit for playing, the broken test faces India’s 203 run in the third Test in the Training Bridge, and it can never be decided again.

Beirestro discussed with reporters at Southampton on Tuesday. “I will try to train this afternoon even today.”

England’s Anderson scored from the injury after being hit by the golf ball

Even if Beerristo is purely included as a specialist batsman, England hopes to win that they will get the chance to win the series, still have to consider them at their top Need to order or not.

Mohammad Shami of India showed danger in fielding a wound player, who said that Beirsto will be targeted if he sat in the South Sutton.

“When you see that a betmanine is weak and feels indispensable in some way, you want to work on this aspect.” “We will definitely see.”

India started the last day to beat England in the third Test by 203 runs to beat England

If Bairstow is fully decided, James Wins reminds an England on his home field, one-day wicket partner Jose Butler scored a wicket behind the third-day stadium.

But even when Beerristo is played, these formats can still be returned to strengthen the biting – England has four or more in half of their 62 test innings.

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Wins had beaten England after Australia and New Zealand, who left him with a total of 548 runs in the first innings of 13.9 matches in the total score of 24.90 and 83.

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But this season, captains of Hampshire have made 847 runs at 56.46 in England’s first-class county championship. This included 74 and 147 runs against Nottinghamshire in South Sudan last week .

England has also expressed concern over the balance of their attack, in which speed-bowling all-rounders Ben Strauss (knee) and Chris Wax (thigh) are not completely fit.

If a person has to face the rule, then he can lead the 20-year-old Sri Lankan Swing Bowler’s return.

England also has to decide whether to remember the all-rounder Murrein Ali in the final, or as a replacement or a slow slower bowler in favor of Leone Spinner Adil Rashid.

The wickets are being made from 219 runs and eight wickets, which have been named Ali’s name in the frame against Yorkshire. He won six wickets against India while winning 266 runs England four years ago.

In this test, Alastair Cook also scored less runs with 95 runs in an innings and England will also be happy that his all-time Test run score also took another bad trick behind this week.

Meanwhile, James Anderson is on the edge of becoming the most successful speed in the history of Test cricket.

Anderson got 557 wickets in the test, and now the retired Australia’s great Gainen McGrough’s 563 marks. The highest level by any player at this level.

“We can learn many issues from Anderson,” said Solar. “By now, what have I learned from Anderson: It’s better and more accurate, it’s better.”

Under the wicket of Virat Kohli, India has already pulled the same field for two continuous tests.

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But it could have changed Nintingham after a dominant display, where for the second match of the series, Kohli scored 200 runs, including one hundred and a half, in which Eddie Gibson’s first test got the same feature.


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