How to Fix Damaged Butterfly Keyboard of MacBook Pro.


The MacBook Pro is an elitist creation for the busy businessman or the suave moviemaker with their list of tasks to complete. The MacBook Pro is definitely an important creation and it has a retina display that is the cherry on the cake. The problem with computers is that it has parts that can break and are susceptible to damages that we are not pre-defined. In the MacBook Pro, if the battery is not working properly then the user can get the help of external power, and if the trackpad is malfunctioning, then the user can adopt the services of a physical mouse. However, the breaking of the keypad is an event that warrants a trip to the iMac repair shop to either get it fixed or procure a Bluetooth keyboard.

The intricacies of the Butterfly mechanism

  • Apple came up with a revolutionized keyboard in 2015, where they had changed the keyboard mechanism of their MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers. There wasn’t much or a ‘radical change’ per se, but there was a change in the physical mechanism that adorned the key. This change was instrumental for Apple, as it was designed to save space. The MacBook became thinner than ever due to these changes.
  • The ‘butterfly’ mechanism was equipped with a series of reduction of each key’s travel distance which made a path for typing with lesser errors, and a stable typing experience. But this a theoretical explanation and the reality offers a stark contrast. The jamming of keys and malfunctioning of the keyboard is a problem that most users faced after purchasing the laptop.
  • The reason behind numerous trips to the repair shop for any MacBook computer repair can be encompassed in one word- ‘dust’. The collection of dust and related debris under the key was one of the major reasons behind its jamming up.
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Cleaning of dust

  1. In the conventional scissor mechanism, a blast of compressed air is sufficient to remove all dust particles that dot the space underneath the key. The problem with the butterfly mechanism is that the space between the laptop chassis and the key is so minute, that there is no way a blast of compressed air can solve the problem.
  2. The spacebar is a fragile part of the keyboard since most of the keys can be removed, cleaned, and replaced effectively. The entire keyboard may need a replacement which is a tedious affair for most MacBook Pro users.
  3. However, the user can place the MacBook at an angle of 75 degrees and spray compressed air all over the spacebar to clean dust or food debris. Keeping the MacBook at an almost vertical angle and then turning it in the opposite direction while spraying with the can is also a helpful method for cleaning debris.
  4. If you face problems such as letters or characters repeating unexpectedly, and not appearing onscreen as required, then you need to get your keyboard checked.

The technicians at the repair store will assess your device and Apple will provide services on repairing your device as soon as possible.


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