How Country Clubs are Modernizing Themselves


Country clubs have always been associated with a certain prestige, its a membership a coveted position. But of late they have dealt with some image problems. For millennials joining a country club Fort Lauderdale does not hold the same charm it did for their parents. Many people today won’t join a club just because their parents did or see it as an extra badge of honor. They have different priorities and expectations. Faced with falling membership, many of these clubs have remodeled, sometimes even re-invented themselves!

Change in image

Clubs can no longer afford to be seen as the bastion of a select few. The idea of elitism is slowly dying and for a club such an image can be a strong negative. While some clubs choose to be seen as extremely exclusive, most clubs are now embracing an image change. They want to be seen as a welcoming place where community and mixing with others is more important than exclusivity. Where the clubs of old were seen as a sort of masculine refuge, they now choose to be more women and family friendly.

The change in image is necessary with the change in society. Men are no longer the sole decision makers in a family. Women have more financial parity and in a family, their counsel is often just as important. Most women would also prefer to join a club where their family is also welcome. Hence, many clubs now give more importance to women and family.

Many clubs are also striving to be trendier and welcoming towards a young crowd. They are shedding their stuffy image, often a negative when attracting a wider clientele. The idea here is to attract more and more people.

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Wider options in membership fee

One of the ways of extending a club’s membership is by making it more affordable. Many country club Fort Lauderdale have today come up with a varied membership plan. Clubs are no longer focussing on admitting only the more established or prosperous members of the society. The aim is to attract more people from the community. Apart from a one-time fee, many clubs have staggered payments. Some may even wave initiation fees. Other clubs reimburse initiation fee when a member leaves.

Widening services

Most clubs today offer a whole plethora of services to enhance their appeal to wider crowd. You may still have a golf course, a tennis court and swimming pool. But you will also have a gym, trainers, library, conference rooms and other such facilities. Many clubs today offer extra services, like connecting you to event planners. The services on offer also make the clubs more economically viable for their clients.

Holding events

The best way to attract new clientele today is by holding special events. From gourmet dining nights, dance nights to talent shows — country clubs are the new venue where everyone in the community can meet each other. Many clubs have event planners on call, often holding ‘special’ nights on the usual dates, such as a New Year bash.

Like everything, country club Fort Lauderdale are changing fast. These are no longer the stuffy bastions of only the rich and powerful. Instead, the modern clubs more likely to be welcoming, family-friendly, affordable and fun!


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