Hotel hacks: How to get the most out of your stay


For all those who book a room to stay in a hotel, just spending some time over there is not their only requirement. They are usually on the lookout for all possible convenient features, which they are accustomed to while they stay at home. As they are paying the tariffs, they want to make the most out of their stay. The same goes for all those couples, who book their rooms through Stay Uncle. Apart from the basic amenities, the couples look for some extra features, through which they can make their stay even more enjoyable and pleasant.

This article will discuss exactly how can couples make the most of their stay through some hotel hacks. Let’s explore them one by one:

  • Wifi:

The most important thing that couples look for nowadays in hotels, apart from clean rooms and toilets, is the facility to access the internet through Wifi. This is one of the most effective hotel hacks, which can provide relief to couples, whenever they get bored out of daily activities. They can make use of Wifi in the best possible manner to watch movies online, listen to music or search for a place to visit in the city that they are staying.  

Most importantly, when couples do online room booking through Stay Uncle, they can look into the detailed features of each hotel before taking a call.

  • Make Full Use Of Room Service:

Room service is one of the most primary facilities provided by hotels all over the world and it is the case with each and every Hotel in India as well.

Now, couples who travel to any place within India on work purpose to stay in some hotel, they usually intend to make full use of the room service facility. It is a hotel hack for sure as they can take rest in their rooms and order their dinner at the room itself. They might even watch any interest episode of any show on Netflix by connecting the Wifi and have dinner simultaneously.

  • Love Kit From Stay Uncle:
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There are certain hotels, where when couples book rooms through Stay Uncle, can have the luxury of getting their hands on a Love Kit from the company.

The Love Kit is an extremely lucrative offer for all those couples who like to spend some cozy time by booking a hotel room. For instance, if any couple books a Hotel in Delhi named, Hotel Ark Of Avalon at Mahipalpur, couples will have the luxury to use this kit and make the most out of their stay over there. Other than this, there are other hotels in Delhi as well, like La Residenza, Hotel Kastor International, which offer this facility.

  • Hassle-Free Check-In And Check-Out:

Online hotel room booking through Stay Uncle, provides with the assurance of checking in at hotels and then moving out from there in an uncomplicated and a hassle-free manner.

At the time of booking a room through the website of Stay Uncle, you mention the check-in and check-out dates and already pay up the amount. So, once you get into the hotel, the stay over there happens to be absolutely smooth, as the check-out formalities take place really fast.


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