Expand Powers in Action Thrill Game with POE Currency

POE Currency

The game was released on Microsoft Windows and XBox One in October 2013 and August 2017 respectively. Path of exile was designed by Chris Wilson, programmed by JonanthanRoges and published by Grinding Gear Games. Abbreviated as POE, this is an action game with lots of thrill, weapons, and fights and is designed for giving an amazing experience to energetic gamers. The game is most preferred and plays action game online. The game has gone through various developments to increase the thrill and new expansions are introduced in the game every now and then to excite the gamers with bosses, pop currency, leagues and PvP modes. The game is inspired by Diablo series 1 and 2.

Gameplay of POE

There are six different classes available to the players namely Duelist, Ranger, Shadow, Maruafer, Templar and Witch. The player selects and maintains single character throughout the game and is supposed to walk around the open large areas and fight the attackers disguised as dungeons and monsters. With every defense and killing, the player will get points or will be equipped with resources for further upgrade. The players are free to join hands with camps, play outside the camps and can explore the area with help of maps.      The classes named earlier have alliances with virtues of strength or power, intelligence and dexterity or skill of hands to play in the quick movement. The Scion is the final class which can be unlocked after reaching completing levels efficiently. The various classes are free from restrictions of investing in skills, apart from core attributes and are best to use when coordinated well between skills and core attributes. Generation of items can be made from gem sockets and the powerful properties associated with them which can be increased every time. Skill gems get more powerful with the completion of various stages in which the player crosses smartly and improves his potential as the hero player. The skill gems are known as support gems as they help in making the defense game more powerful than the earlier stage. The POE game is unusual from other action games because of the poe currency which has to be invested in the game which helps in expanding powers, and up gradation in the strength by getting equipment, creating portals and get refund points for the same. The game is based on the barter system, exchange of items for resources.

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Temporary and permanent leagues

The game consists of two permanent leagues and two temporary leagues. There are other leagues other than this 4 which are created for different purposes depending on the requirement. The standard is the default league of the game. The characters in this league get life in the last stage they were in. The process of regaining life is called re-spawn in gaming dictionary. The hardcore is the league in which the character re-spawn in the standard league. They both are permanent leagues of the gameplay. The incursion and hardcore incursion are the temporary leagues of the game. The game revolves around poe currency which in exchange gives power to the character. The player can buy poe orbs with money from the seller of poe orbs online.

POE trending

The game has more than 4 million users because of its amazing and unique features including the graphics, the theme, the colors used and the design which is exceptional in the gaming world, the action game gives energy and the trading barter system of currency in exchange of items is unusual from other games. The game is made for all age groups but the craze is mostly encountered in youth and teenagers because of the action and thrill genre. It can be played individually or as a team by a bunch of friends.


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