Data Recovery Software: Never Fret Over Lost Data Anymore!


EaseUS data recovery software is one of the finest recovery software available today. Due to its efficient features and productive tools, it has paved it way to the top. The software makes use of peculiar features, alongside an intuitive interface to make the navigation a lot easier. The software is made keeping the user’s comfort in mind, because of which, it can be operated by both expert and beginners alike.


Packages & Capabilities

The software is available in four different packages, which are Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE, and Technical. As the name suggests, the first package is free of cost. It can be considered as a trial version of the software, which can allow the user to see the full capabilities of the software. It consists all the features that the paid version does, with one small disadvantage that the user can recover only 2 GB worth of data. If the user wants to recover more, they will have to purchase the other three packages.

The Pro and Pro+WinPE offer unlimited amount of data recovery alongside additional technical support. These two are single-licensed and can only be used on one system. The technical package is more firm-oriented, as it offers the technical license that allows the user to redistribute the software further.

The software allows the user to recover from certain situations, like lost partition, hard disk crash, system crash, OS crash, virus attacks, formatted disk, corrupted disk, malware etc. and also offers mac data recovery. It also supports all data types including, compressed, music, video, email, documents etc. It can help recover from a number of secondary storage devices, such as MP4 devices, external HDD, iPod, Media devices, CD/DVDs, pen drives, flash drives etc.

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Well-Divided Search Process

Once the search procedure starts, it is divided into two parts for better accuracy and shortened search time. The first of this is the quick search mode. In this mode, more emphasis is put onto bringing the results quick. The software searches the disk for data remnants, which had been left there by deleted files. It particularly recovers file, which had been permanently deleted, or had been emptied from the recycle bin.

After the quick scan mode ends, the deep scan mode is automatically initiated and the results for the former are displayed. The deep scan mode is a more advanced mode, as it dives deep into the disk to search for remnants of all deleted files, and also scans the hidden and inaccessible files. Due to the wide amount of data it processes, this scan takes much more time than the quick scan mode.

When the results are finally displayed, the user can easily recover multiple files at once with a single click. Various additional features are also packed in the software, such as exporting/importing files, filter results, search for file name, preview feature etc. All of these combined make EaseUS data recovery software a powerful tool to recover data, which can easily be utilized by anyone. With this software, you won’t have to fret over lost files anymore.


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