Best Driving Games in 2019 To Play on Your Phone & Satisfy Your Driving Rush


Driving and racing games are a big thing when it comes to mobile games. As driving fans ourselves, we weren’t surprised that game developers are constantly creating new driving games with better gameplay and better graphics. But that’s where the problem starts for the user, because how can you know what’s the best one? Which game is the best for you and that will provide you hours of gameplay?

We decided to test a couple of games we already know and research for a few more. Here, we bring you the current top 3 driving games that have everything: multiplayer, car customization and of course, endless racing fun.

Real Racing 3 – A Great Selection of Fantastic Cars

What’s great about Real Racing 3 by EA sports is the variety of cars and track you can pick. If you’re into driving different cars, the game has more than 100 hundred cars and dozens of racing tracks. Mix that with great graphics and smooth gameplay and you get a pretty good racing game. The racing tracks are spread across the World and it’s great to see the developers put some work into making tracks recognizable. For instance, if a track is located in Europe, you’ll instantly figure it out. Although this isn’t vital for a good game, it’s still a nice touch that shows the game wasn’t quickly made and put out.

One thing we don’t like is the ads. It’s completely normal to have ads because the company has to make money for their hard work. But recently, they started to put ads in the middle of the race as well which sometimes breaks the entire joy of racing. They aren’t too intrusive, but as you’re in the flow, it doesn’t feel good to be roughly abrupted by something you don’t need at that moment. Hopefully, they will fix that with the future update since it’s a great racing game.

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Asphalt 9: Legends – From 0 to Hero

If you’re into racing games, you probably heard about this one. But to be honest, we didn’t know a big update came out this year. We found it randomly on a website that lists the best driving games as we were looking for a previous version of the game. If you want, you can check the list we found if you’re looking for more racing games and the games we recommend aren’t quite what you’re looking for.

Best 10 Driving Games

As for Asphalt 9, it’s still pretty clear why some might consider this game to be king of racing mobile games. The visuals are gorgeous and driving is so enjoyable it’s incredible it’s a mobile game and not for a dedicated console or PC. Unlike the first one, this one has more depth thanks to seasons and events. This creates a bigger sensation of progress and you feel you’re going somewhere instead of just finishing one race after another.

If we put aside everything that’s amazing, there are some things we didn’t like. For instance, although the gameplay and progress system is good, it can feel a bit clunky from time to time. While some levels are super easy, others are extremely difficult. This slight lack of balance isn’t a big deal, but it can feel like a roller coaster you didn’t want to take.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

To diversify our top 3 picks, here’s one game that isn’t exactly racing. The reason we like this driving simulator is the realism the game delivers mixed with fun. Usually, simulator games are good for some time until it gets too boring to be – well, too realistic. You want some action and realism rarely delivers that. But this game somehow manages to combine both. The driving feels extremely real but if you want to have crazy fun you can crash into stuff and boy – are the car crashes satisfying. We recommend this one to anyone who wants the best out of both worlds – challenging realism and pure fun.

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Still, keep in mind the game isn’t Asphalt or Real Racing. In other words, the “fun options” are far less than in the first two. After you get everything there is to get, you might feel like hitting a wall where you no longer know what else to do. At that point, you’ll likely start looking for another game. Nevertheless, until that point, this game is sure to provide what the doctor ordered.


So there you go you driving and racing fans. These are our top 3 recommendations for 2019. As we move on, we can’t wait but see where racing games go later this year and beyond – in 2020. For now, we have these games so I guess we have to be patient and enjoy what we have at the moment.

We hope you’ll enjoy the games we listed. We tried to balance it out by providing different games so everybody can find something for themselves. Enjoy and drive safe.


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