Ace The GRE Exam With These Tips

GRE Exam
GRE Exam

In 2017, 447,580 GRE exams were taken, says the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the administrator and developer of the General Records Examination General Test. The GRE is almost exclusively useful to institutions of higher education when assessing the extent to which applicants are prepared to perform well on coursework.

Since the GRE costs at least $200 per try, colleges take scores so seriously, and studying for the test is such a grueling, drawn-out process, you should do everything within your power to ace the GRE exam. Finding and making use of GRE preparation courses online would be a great idea to start. Here are a few tips that you can use to ace the GRE exam whenever it’s your time to take it.

Making Sense Of Analytical Writing

One-third of the GRE is the Analytical Writing section. You will be shown a short prompt and asked to respond to it in no more than 30 minutes. Whether you’re responding to the analysis of an issue or argument, all of the tips mentioned herein apply.

Make sure to be as clear as possible. Avoid grammatical errors. Instead of writing something that you aren’t sure how to punctuate, spell, or otherwise apply grammatical rules, rephrase it so that you are certain that it’s correct.

You aren’t expected to write to entertain readers or appeal to an audience, such as in a novel or a star-studded, thrilling true crime story. Rather, write as simply as possible.

Even though traditional essays, responses, evaluations, analyses, and other forms of writing are better off with main points inserted throughout the body of paragraphs, the same isn’t true for the Analytical Writing section of the GRE. As such, making each paragraph’s first sentence the main idea of each paragraph is a good, simple way to boost clarity.

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Keep in mind that many admissions departments don’t weigh the Analytical Writing section too heavily. However, if you’re applying to a graduate program that is writing-intensive, a high score in this section will likely be assigned a greater value. With the average Analytical Writing score only being 3.5, you should be able to stick out among the crowd with a five or six on this section of the GRE.

Where Are You Struggling The Most?

Whenever you answer practice questions, make sure to take note of every answer. Document whether you got each question correct or incorrect. Over time, you’ll be able to determine what concepts you need the most improvement in. Focus your studying on these concepts in particular as a way to earn a solid score on the GRE.

Find And Take As Many Practice Tests As Possible

However, make sure the practice tests you select have good reviews, are created by official test developers, are sourced from previous years’ GRE tests, or are official practice tests for the current year of testing that are offered on the ETS’ website.

If you look hard enough, you should be able to find a great GRE prep course online. Although you should invest in a tried-and-true test prep course as a primary means of studying for the GRE, finding well-reviewed practice tests on the Internet is a great supplemental resource.

Only take practice tests in environments that are similar to the actual testing environment mandated by the ETS, if you have enough time to take them in the same manner that real tests are, and if you haven’t answered the questions on it before.

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