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Study apps and assignment help are two of the many benefits of technology and internet for students. Given below are 10 study apps that students can use:

  1. StudyBuddy

This is the electronic version of the buddy which is used by students to keep track of their study time. This app is available for ios users only and is not yet free. It keeps track of all the breaks that were taken between the study time and calculates every minute spent in distractions such as mails, text messages, social network notifications and phone calls.    

  1. Evernote

Based on the traditional way of maintaining list of things in a common notebook, this app has been created to help students to maintain their notes, links, lists, and even audios at one place. This can also be the assignment help for the students for they refer to the links and the notes anytime they want while completing their assignments. The application is available for both the ios and android users and is often referred as the second brain.

  1. Sleep if you can

This app has been rated as the most annoying application but it is beneficial for the students taking classes in the morning. There are set of instructions that need to be done in order to put off the alarm. There is no snooze option and instruction may vary from shaking the phone hard to clicking number of cars in a picture. The app is also available for android and ios users.   

  1. My study life

This is the free app on both android play store or ios app store and is the best assignment help for students. It allows student to sync all their data on the cloud and made it available on any device that the student wants to use for the completion of the assignment.

  1. Grammarly

Like the grammarly website is often used by students as the assignment help online, to check spellings, grammar, and the structure of the sentences, the app saves the day while editing documents on phone or writing e-mails to the college or the professors. It also mark the frequent mistakes and tell how to improve on them.  

  1. SimpleMind

Organizing thoughts and ideas into graphics can be used as the assignment help by visualizing the thoughts and plans about completing the assignment. The app is based on the concept of mind mapping where brainstorming and ideas are converted into diagrams, tables, and graphs for faster understanding and execution.      

  1. RefMe

Even when students find assignment help online, putting references in their assignment remains a big task. It is required to refer the work of others that has been used in the assignment. RefMe uses the phone camera to scan the barcode of the book and creates different referencing and citations such as Harvard, MLA, APA and etc.  

  1. Oxford dictionary

This is the app version of the oxford dictionary site and its various worksheets and quizzes also prove a good assignment help online for students to complete their homework.  

  1. Duolingo

Many students learn foreign language along with their regular course and this app help in building the vocabulary and understanding of the new language using funny and practical references.  

  1. Sleep cycle alarm clock  

Hunger and sleep are two of the common interruptions that students often face and this app helps in tracking them so that student can know their pattern and their active hours.

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